When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
-Thomas Jefferson

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March 21, 2014 ~ Response to Comment made at Salem-News.com

"Anonymous March 16, 2014 10:24 pm writes:

I don't think Visner can sue the municipality. It wasn't the city or county who did anything wrong. Just because Sweet works for the sheriff's department doesn't mean the public agency is at fault. She should definitely be prosecuted, however. It's one thing to fail to pay the mortgage while Visner was paying her. It's a whole other thing to invite people in to loot the Visner home."

First: Neither Sweet nor her ex-fiancée Robert Wheeler can be prosecuted without implicating all of the other actors. This can easily be seen in Isabella County Chief judge Paul Chamberlain's order and opinion dismissing Robert Wheeler after the close of dispositive motions and after we had properly earned a default judgment against him. Chamberlain threw his carrier, his livelihood and his freedom away in his making of this decision. Not only did Paul violate established court procedures, he also violated his own court order joining himself in the same conspiracy.

Second: The people that Sweet invited into our home to loot, consisted of her friends and coworkers from the same Isabella County Sheriff Department.

Third: It isn't because Sweet worked for the sheriff department that involves/joins the sheriff department, it is because the sheriff department assisted her in the crimes themselves and then only worked to cover for those crimes.

This sounds like comments that are made by the county. Don't come after us, it isn't our fault Sweet did this to you... On it's face this might appear to be somewhat true however, Sweet did not act alone. Had Sweet acted alone, we would not have had to deal with all of the bias (county favors & solids) and she and her boyfriend Robert Wheeler would be in jail today. Remember, it was deputy Steinert that came to our property three times that day and after refusing us a police report after his first two visits, he made a choice and that was to take me from my family and lock me up. The county did nothing wrong? County law enforcement participated in relieving my family of our home and personal property without warrant and then through me in jail without warrant for calling 9-1-1 seeking their aid.

The county then relied on the fact that to fight this situation from a position of destitution would be hopeless. These criminal acts destroyed our family, our businesses and cast us so far into obscurity that none of them believed that anyone could or would pursue this as we have.

The county may have used it's influence to convince the Michigan State Police, the Isabella County Board of Commissioners, the state's Attorney General, the Association of Michigan Sheriffs, other law enforcement agencies, our elected state Representatives and the Governor himself to look the other way but that is where their influence stops. The county underestimated the resolve of one man who swore an oath to the Constitution at the age of 17 and whom still takes that oath as seriously today as he did when he gave it.

This story and our fight for justice against domestic tyranny is no longer about my family. Our fight today is for future generations of all our children because I believe that it is our duty to leave our children with a better country than the one we inherited.

A warrant, issued and signed by a judge, is the ONLY way that law enforcement can take your property. The sheriff's department knows this, the county prosecutors know this, the Michigan State Police knows this, the Michigan Attorney General knows this, the Department of Justice knows this yet not one single good faith effort has yet been made over the last 3.5 years to offer any single shred of hope or help for my family by any established agency sworn to do just that.

The warrant does NOT exist. This converts the seizure of real and personal property into a conspired theft under color of law and the intentional conspiratorial deprivation of rights under color of law and all those whom should have, and were obligated to, respond that have not have willfully joined themselves in the conspiracy to do the same.

The conspired deprivation of rights under color of law is a federal crime as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242. Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death. http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/civilrights/federal-statutes

No officer can make any lawful arrest during his/her commission of any other felony crimes. I was not arrested, I was kidnapped, removed from home and my family and detained against my will in a cold dank jail cell immediately following the conspired theft of my family's home and it's contents.

If you have ever contemplated the possible depths of fear, consider this. The men and women in your community wearing badges and carrying guns that could be jailed for any number of years or put to death as a court issued punishment for their crimes against you and your family, how secure and safe would you feel trying to live in your own community?

From my perspective, every lack of response from those officials sworn to protect and serve the public is a direct assault on my family's freedoms and a direct threat to my own life.

The time for action is before I am killed... not after...

March 21, 2014 ~

Hey!!! We can't give you that because it doesn't exist but what we can do is send you this reply and make it look like a good faith effort was made to accommodate your request!

The request...









The image below is a collage of page one of the request and page one of the denial.

Even if their was any validity to these ass-hats in Isabella County acting as the legislative branch of our government, the information "required" by the "alleged" Administrative Order was provided!

Please pay attention here!

By some unlawful, random and arbitrary Administrative Order, our county government here in the county of Isabella implies that in order to be provided something that does not exist that you must first provide evidence of it's existence!

Taxpayers of Isabella County and of Michigan please be advised that the several demands for information requested in this recognized FOIA request will be sued for in accordance to existing Michigan Law and that YOU, as tax payer, are going to have to pay once again for the ignorance, incompetence and mismanagement of our county government.

Your dissatisfaction should be expressed to Mr. Lance Dexter at the number he provides below.

March 20, 2014 ~
Michigan Statewide Grassroots PowWow Main Event this weekend!

Looking for help with the printing and distribution of the flier shown below this Friday and Saturday at the PowWow.

If you can help out with the printing, please email me for the source file for 8.5" x 11".


Hope to see you there!

March 18, 2014 ~ ACTIONABLE CLAIM


I have been posting allegations of crime and corruption in Isabella County, Michigan for the past three years without a single request or demand for me to stop. I have not been sued for slander and/or defamation and I have not yet been arrested for harassment. 

My complaint(s) are that the sheriff department stole my family's home and it's contents.

Although this is simple and straightforward, neither the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette nor the FBI have made a single arrest yet both have claimed to be conducting a criminal investigation! 

It has never been disputed that the sheriff department did these actions however, they have claimed that my family had been "evicted". A simple little lie that has turned what should have been a simple fight into a battle that has taken up all my time over the last 3.5 years! This is what is known as the intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) and, according to the Michigan Supreme Court, IS part of "Actual Damages". 

If, like the sheriff and the sheriff department claims, we were evicted...  SHOW THE F-ING COURT ORDER TO ME AND TO THE WORLD NOW ! ! !

It is that simple ! ! ! 

Lawful seizures of property can only happen after DUE PROCESS. The seizure of our home and it's contents by the police, REQUIRED a court order signed by a judge!

Even though this "court order" has never existed, the police and now the county courts have been working their asses of to cover these criminal issues up and to make matters worse, these criminals are now trolling my US Navy groups and calling me a liar and a scam artist! 

FOIA's requesting a copy of the court orders regarding my family being forcibly removed from our home on September 27, 2010 and our property being seized and my arrest for calling 9-1-1 needs to be done by everyone in the country, especially those living in MICHIGAN!

This is an actionable claim by EVERYONE LIVING IN MICHIGAN!

I encourage people to write, call and fax these people and DEMAND a copy of the three court ordered warrants related to my family's situation.

1. Court Ordered Seizure Warrant for our home
2. Court Ordered Seizure Warrant for all of our personal property
3. Court Ordered Warrant for my arrest for having called 911 to report burglary

Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski
207 Court Street # A
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone:(989) 772-5911

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette 
G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor
525 W. Ottawa St.
P.O. Box 30212
Lansing, MI 48909
Main Number (517) 373-1110
Facsimile (517) 373-3042

Isabella County Prosecutor, Risa Scully 
200 N. Main Street
Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858
Phone: (989) 772-0911 ext. 311
Fax: (989) 775-8413

March 18, 2014 ~ Snopes.com

I guess a lot of people are starting to ask Snopes.com if our allegations are true or false so today I asked them to check it out and report on it when I sent the request below through their submission page.

Dear Snopes,

September 27, 2010 the Isabella County Sheriff Department took my family's home and it's contents without cause nor lawful justification. Without Due Process.

After three years, people are coming to this site (Snopes) looking to see if this is real or if the story below is just an elaborate hoax.


In a real situation where home and property are taken or seized by police there is always a court order signed by a judge that specifies and authorizes the actions to be taken.

Court testimony exists (Shelly Sweet's Deposition) that our property was taken and the audio transcript of a court hearing is also on YouTube and linked here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bREv4inmVtg

Isabella County officials tried to hide the fact that Shelly Sweet was employed by the Isabella County Sheriff Department in an attempt to avoid the criminal aspects outlined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241, 242.

A well placed FOIA request asking for a copy of the warrant(s) used in our case should settle this matter. Additionally, it should be known that I have been making these same criminal allegations now for over three years publicly on the Internet and have not been asked nor demanded nor sued for slander/defamation nor arrested to discontinue.

Sincerely, Ted Visner (989) 954-2814

Not sure how long they take to make their determination but it should be very easy in this case.

March 10, 2014 ~ My Kidnapping on 9-27-10

When I talk about my arrest on September 27, 2010 as a kidnapping, it is because it was. The video of my arrest has been on YouTube now for over two years. I was not read my rights but also I was arrested without a Warrant on the same day that my family lost our home and it's contents to "other" members of the same sheriff department as the officer that kidnapped me.

Lawful arrests can only be made if the officer has probable cause that a felony has been committed. Calling 9-1-1 is NOT a FELONY.

I was kidnapped under the pretense of a lawful arrest on the charge of "Misuse of Emergency 9-1-1" which is NOT a felony. This charge, not being a felony, required the issuance of an arrest warrant, signed by a judge.

Here is the PRICK that kidnapped me.

Although this prick should have been arrested for what he did to my family personally and under color of law, he has been allowed to continue abusing the people of Isabella County when his own arrest should have happened in September 2010.

My arrest, without either probable cause nor warrant was no arrest at all... It was a kidnapping.

After my kidnapping, I went to my arraignment to find it CANCELED without notice by prosecutor Larry Burdick. Larry then, with this bullshit arrest on top of the theft of our home and it's contents, kept an active investigation for my CRIME (calling 911) active for almost four months which kept me from getting a police report for anything and EVERYTHING. I was told by the prosecutors office to be ready to be arraigned on a moments notice and not to leave the area.

March 10, 2014 ~ UPDATE

Supposed to be sitting on my hands now that the FBI claims to be conducting a criminal investigation here in Isabella County, MI. Remember... Bill Schuette's Office of the Michigan Attorney General made the same claim this time last year! Mark Totten, now running for Michigan AG has had all this same information for almost TWO FULL YEARS! Mark spotted me and had me kicked out of a fundraising event before we had even been introduced!

Quite disturbed by the fact that they admit that their is abundant cause for their investigation but have not done a thing with regard to offering my family any "Federal Witness Protections".

February 1, 2014 ~ Season of Treason 1861 - 1871

From 1860 - 1940 our country was hijacked.

1861 Congress ceased to exist as a lawful body. First executive order was written by Abraham Lincoln. Sine die. Adjournment sine die (from the Latin "without day") means "without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing".[1] To adjourn an assembly sine die is to adjourn it for an indefinite period. A legislative body adjourns sine die when it adjourns without appointing a day on which to appear or assemble again.

In 1862 Congress defined the word "PERSON" for the first time in history as a fiction attached to the flesh and blood man.

1863 General Orders 100 - The Leiber Code defined the military government. Also, the Supreme Court was abolished and re-established a "Washington DC - Supreme Court".

1864 the word "State" is redefined.

1865 the original 13th amendment was replaced to create a government of voluntary servitude.

1868 the 14th amendment was changed to include the word "person".

1870 the 15th Amendment made it so that you had to register to vote converting a right to a privilege. Registering to vote was born. Voting is now a privilege. Legal right to vote! Not lawful... legal. Also... the department of justice was created. Department of what???? Department of the executive branch!

1871 new private municipal organization was created under the organic act and ever 20 years have been reading a constitution into the corporate charter.

1879 Constitution created...

Article I - Legislative

Article II - Executive

Article III - Judicial

This was the original Organic united States of America.

13 colonies were now in the UNION - a more perfect union of states.

But then... in 1870 - 1871

DC = 10 Sq miles = State of New Columbia = City of New Columbia

1861 the contract (constitution) between the several states was dissolved.

The Civil War was not a war between the North and South... It was a war between the North, the South and the District of Columbia.

Art 1 § 8 clause 17 of the Organic Act. The legislator has complete authority over the 10 mile sq known as Washington DC.

1871 Legislative Democracy from the

1802 Organic Act... the original organic act established DC.



January 29, 2014 ~ Setting up the perfect Criminal Empire

If I were to set out to create the perfect criminal empire, I would set it up first to operate above the law. This would include making it so that it's actors would never be held criminally liable nor accountable for any crime. To accomplish this, I would need to build a play-book for everyone from the cops to the lawyers, the prosecutors and the judges. I would call this play-book... Public Policy.

The second thing that I would do would be to have the operation approved and funded by the people using something that looks like democracy. Like with banks and war, I would set it up to collect from both sides... both the tax-payer and the criminal. By collecting from the criminal and the tax-payer at the same time, increasing revenue is made easier by raising taxes and making more criminals while using one to justify the other.

How do you make more criminals?

This is something that has taken decades to perfect. Governments actually love criminals because they bring revenue to the government. The government makes more criminals by making more "so-called" laws. The prohibition on alcohol is a good place to look at a man made law that had been exploited to increase the number of criminals in society. This is the same, in principal, as peppering a mine to increase it's value. If the mine is going bare, simply increase it's value by making dirt a rare earth element and the mine is back in business. By making criminals out of those making, possessing and distributing alcohol, you have just created enormous wealth by making more people criminals. The people in the society are made to believe this a good thing because enforcement of these new crimes creates jobs thus stimulating the economy. This prohibition on alcohol never effected the elite as they sailed above these laws.

Now that the demonetization of the brain killing drug marijuana is coming to an end, government is losing a huge revenue stream. Busting someone with a joint used to mean revenue for the state. As these wicked sources of revenue generation are drying up, we have to understand that more and more crimes are going to be pushed on us to make up for the reduction in available revenue.

Governments operate to a significant extent through the prosecution of CRIMINALS and the definition of criminal has been growing throughout history. A few years back (around 2004) I got two speeding tickets back to back. I was going faster than the posted speed so I didn't fight the tickets and just paid them (conveniently) by mail. Between the two tickets I think I paid just over $200 bucks and my auto insurance went up. Then, about two month later, my wife brought me a letter=bill from the Michigan secretary of state telling me to pay more because of "points" on my record and asked me what I would like to do about it. I grabbed the letter from her hand and with a permanent felt tip marker wrote "FUCK YOU" on it and told her to mail it in. As I never heard anything about it from either my wife nor the state, I assume she paid the demand=extortion so that I would not lose my "Drivers License".

Today, I am seeing people in Isabella county being wrongfully arrested and wrongfully and maliciously prosecuted and many for simply exercising their natural rights!

Imagine yourself busted and arrested while on your own property defending your own property and your own family. You are busted on three different felony weapons charges with both fine and jail time attached. You are poor so you can't run out and get a lawyer so the county issues you one. Then the lawyer talks about how strong your defense is and that you have nothing to worry about as the state has no case against you but then also in the same breath refuses to meet with you prior to the first court date only to pull you aside and show you a once in a lifetime offer at your first courtroom appearance! Plea GUILTY to lesser charges that carry the same weight and same fines and same loss of property and liberty and forever name you criminal but you will get to walk with time served! The state WINS! The state just got fees and costs. The state just got to keep weapons. The state has a new felon that can't even vote or own firearms anymore. A man's life was just forever changed at the short term gain of the state. The plea, what ever it was, was an agreement to an imposed jurisdiction and pleading guilty to anything absolves the state from having to answer to malicious prosecution allegations because you said you were guilty! End of story!

Men wrongfully and maliciously prosecuted on felony charges can no longer participate in the same system abused to silence them in any future political process involving "democratic" elections where they would be interested in change regarding government corruption and accountability.

These THINGS have been happening and evolving for decades. The process for shuffling us through the courtroom turn-styles has been so effective in the past it has gotten extremely sloppy and lazy. So much so that it hardly ever tries to hide it any more.

But the God-like figure on the bench wearing a dress can order the seizure of your property while you sit in the gallery without a shred of legal authority and absolutely zero due process so that you are incapable of collecting irrefutable and undeniable proof (audio & video) of the transgressions about to be committed in the name of the law and under color of law and of office.


BULLSHIT serves BULLSHIT Thus creating the perfect organized criminal empire.

LOOK AT ALL THE ACTORS!!! The judge, the prosecuting attorney and the public defender are all on the same team! They are all members of the closed union shop known as the BAR Association. Membership in this private club is restricted to those groomed to play nicely in it. If you try to help yourself or others in the field of law, you are accused of practicing law without a license when ALL LAWYERS are not licensed to practice law! So comfortable in practicing deception they have become, they equate their membership in a closed union shop to be the same as a LICENSE when it clearly ISN'T!

I don't care who you are or what you have done but you will or should know the answer to this question.

QUESTION: What is the first thing that any lawyer=attorney will tell you when you come to them with a question?

ANSWER: You need a lawyer!

Whether you hire that lawyer directly or one of their friends, they are marketing the same deception. You will never here any lawyer tell you to hit the books and present yourself because they want and need you to be RE-presented by them or their friends. The demand that their is no way that you can serve yourself in a court of law. They lead you to believe that it is sooooo complicated that you MUST have an attorney. Fork over your hard earned cash or you will surely fail.

I have taken no less than three dozen "BAR EXAMS" readily found on the Internet so why is it that I am not allowed to take the Bar Exam and earn my membership in the closed union shop known as the Michigan BAR Association?

As a LICENSED residential and commercial builder in Michigan I had an opportunity to take courses related to this field but it was not mandatory. Passing the test was the only requirement for getting my state license which I did and I passed and now I'm a builder but I can't do the same as a lawyer? I have to spend $150,000 - $250,000 - $350,000 or more before I can take the test? So is it about money or is it about knowledge?

I have my own copies of the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers, the Rules of Judicial Conduct for Judges, the Michigan court rules, the state and federal rules of civil and criminal procedure, almost ever publication of Black's Law dictionary etc. But I can't be trusted to learn on my own?

Isn't it ironic that we can Home School our children but not ourselves? Hmmm... So what is it about "Law School" that we can't get on our own? Public Policy?

Public Policy, although having nothing to do with the law, is very much a part of our lives because it defends the deceptions to maintain the Public Trust.

If we were allowed to bring criminal charges against a 20+ year seated judge, we would also have to unwind that judge's carrier which would have a huge financial impact on the community that the particular judge had been performing the dis-service. Unless the judge is running a sex slave business out of his home using children under the age of consent, we don't get to hear about it because holding judges and prosecutors accountable directly and significantly diminishes the Public Trust.

The "Public Policy" protects the "Public Trust" by hiding crime and allowing criminals exemption=immunity from criminal prosecution.

This IS our system of justice folks.

Although the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled hundreds if not thousands of times that it is unlawful to convert rights to privileges and require a license and charge a fee for it, this happens every single day simply because we allow it by not disagreeing with it. This is called acquiescence.

So what does justice entail? Currently our system of justice is serving only to protect itself which can not be considered justice at all but rather a self serving system of organized crime and corruption by those tasked with upholding the law.

If the state stands to gain $80 dollars for catching you speeding, what incentive would it have to tell you that the enforcement of that "speeding law" was not enforceable?

Corpus Delicti is the Latin phrase used to define and establish the body of any crime. Their are four "legs". Without all four legs, a "crime" cannot be established and the attempted prosecution of a crime that does not contain the four legs is malicious prosecution with extortion as it's only aim.

Here is another example that may be much easier to comprehend.

You are driving through town and get pulled over for not wearing your seatbelt. The extortion value is between $65 and $100 dollars depending on where you live. All crimes require their be a victim. Who in this case would or could be considered the "Victim"? Who was actually damaged by your violation of this statute?

Here is something that actually happened to me in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I was driving East on Pickard and I spotted a patrol car looking for people passing without a seatbelt. Recognizing the trap, I leaned forward as if I were picking something up off the floorboard of my truck making it impossible for the officer to actually see if I was or if I was not wearing my seatbelt. He pulled me over regardless. The officer then asked me, after admitting that he couldn't tell, if I was wearing my seatbelt and I told him the truth and that I was not wearing my seatbelt. After being brutally honest and self incriminating myself with that same honesty, I was cited and issued a fine of $85 dollars. At this point in my life I had not begun my journey into learning law and simply paid the fine without contest.

Writing and abiding by statutes that deprive us of free will and punishing honesty is the society we live in today. Today in Michigan I can get on a 1,400cc motorcycle without a helmet and freely use the right of ways but I can't jump in my nearly 2.5 ton Chevy truck and do the same without wearing a seatbelt!

It always makes sense to practice safety but not wearing a seatbelt can harm none except yourself and since you cannot be both the victim and the perpetrator it can never be considered a crime. This is probably why we don't prosecute attempted suicide victims for attempted murder.

I am not arguing for or against the seatbelt statutes but rather attempting to point out that when government can make us liable for some erroneous violation where they stand to make money, they will with aggression and confidence.

Without our consent, statutes codes and ordinances are NOT LAW. Comprehending this however, makes government want to classify you or toss you into some "anti-government" status where they can label you a potential domestic terror threat because what you know undermines Public Policy and thus the Public Trust.


January 26, 2014 ~ Isabella County

In 2011, My family was forced to try and get justice in Isabella County by suing for it in civil court. Suing civilly for criminal issues that those accused would not investigate because they would have had to have been the subject of their own criminal investigation.

In "civil court", damages couldn't be awarded because their was never a "criminal" investigation and prosecution.

When you make the rules, you never lose!

Below are the different units of measurement to define how long it has been since the Isabella County sheriff department took my home and it's contents.

From and including: Monday, September 27, 2010
To, but not including Sunday, January 26, 2014

Result: 1,217 days

It is 1217 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 3 years, 3 months, 30 days excluding the end date

Alternative time units

1217 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 105,148,800 seconds
  • 1,752,480 minutes
  • 29,208 hours
  • 1217 days
  • 173 weeks (rounded down)

Three Years, Four Months looking for justice...

January 20, 2014 ~

Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!)

January 20, 2014 ~


December ?, 2013 ~


November December ?, 2013 ~ Observed the Isabella County Circuit Court In Session... Paul Chamberlain judging

I personally watched and heard the CHIEF JUDGE of Isabella County... Judge Paul Chamberlain order the bailiffs to seize, all personal electronic devices from everyone in the gallery and had those devices removed completely from the courtroom!

Seizing whatever it is you want is, "how they roll" in Isabella County!

Way to go bonehead! What a fucking mushroom! Flashback to the 6th grade... No chewing in class students... everyone hand over you gum...

Out of now personal interest, judge Chamberlain is tossing the constitution completely out of the courthouse when it suits him!

How about when it serves him? Will he be so eager to toss the constitution aside then? Due Process anyone?

Before the case even got started and before the court recorder started typing, all this SHIT took place off the freekin record! Personal property seized, by order of the court, without fucking Due Process! Chamberlain may as well have ORDERED me to wash the courthouse windows or perhaps lick his boots in the same breath!

It was eerie to say the least to have Chamberlain peer at me in the gallery with those beady little eyes and sickened smirk on his face. The image is quite literally burn into the back of my skull.

Even though the case I was there to observe was not my own, my name was mentioned over and over again by both sides! Both the prostetutor and this friggin attorney named Moses... the "public defiler".

What a friggin Dog and Pony Show!!! I believe the term coined for this sort of "show" is Kangaroo Court.

I went there to audio record the PUBIC COURT SESSION and before the judge had even made it to the bench, ordered the bailiffs to steal everyone's electronics! What about the right to feel secure in our persons and property? What about Freedom of the Press? What about Due Process? The judge can only order quiet and courtesy. No law empowers any judge to seize any property from the public that is seated in the gallery of any courtroom nor anywhere else for that matter without Due Process of law.

In the old days... judges that were this vial were drawn out and quartered. Not sure what that means but it doesn't sound pleasant... been too busy reading the constitution. Will Google it later...

In fact strike the last paragraph all together... I can't have these jack-wagons taking my freedom of speech and claiming it to be a physical threat of some sort.

Before I report on what happened during the judge's blabber and the rest of the nonsense that took place I need to start with the events leading up to the blathering and chicanery.

I accompanied, by invitation, the defendant in this case in a closed room meeting with the court assigned=appointed attorney... the public defender. This conversation was recorded by at least three of the people in the room and tells a story in and of itself that goes well outside the realm of belief. Moses, the court appointed attorney, ... I will just post that audio so you can hear for yourself. After this, jamb it up the defendant's ass session, by the public defender, we waited for the court time. Moses, the public defender, already knew the outcome of the hearing that had not even taken place yet!?!?

While we were waiting and walking around... We, defense and friends, I'm assuming quite by accident, noticed the prosecutor, the judge (Chamberlain) and the public defender in a private meeting when the door to the "sacred back room" swung open as someone, obviously authorized, entered this forbidden chamber... Side-bar off the record...

It never ceases to amaze me how the accused defendant looses their friggin mind when entering a courtroom and this case was no exception. This defendant, paralyzed with fear, was hardly able to walk let alone assist in his own defense at this point and this defendant just saw HIS lawyer, the prosecutor and the friggin judge having a little pre-hearing jam session behind closed doors to work out the defendant's fate!

This particular motion hearing was on the defendant's own motion filed by the defendant himself because his court appointed attorney refused. Both motions to be heard by Chamberlain were titled "Motions to Dismiss" according to court records.

Moses gets up and introduces himself to the court. Then... as the county rented lawyer, hired to defend the defendant, says "Your honor, I had nothing to do with these motions". Then says the motions were not filed by the defendant himself and that the motions were filed by someone else... a friend of the family."

Read that paragraph a couple times if you need to.

This attorney was hired by Isabella County to Defend the defendant. He was the public defender and he just superfucked his own client (the defendant) with those opening remarks. Not only were the motions filed by the defendant himself, this lawyer knew it and lied to the court at the detriment of his own client.

For those of you that don't know, the system is setup so that only the defendant and his/her attorney can file things on behalf of the defendant. Erroneous filings by anyone other are ignored by the court.

The thing here is that the court did not ignore the filings of the defendant but rather converted two motions to dismiss into two motions to quash and then read a previously prepared court order and opinion based upon the practice of law from the bench prior to the motion hearing!

You need to hear this folks and ask yourself if you had to defend yourself in court, how comfortable would you feel if you went to a motion hearing only to hear the judge read something he had prepared at some or any point in the past?!?! What is the point of the dog and pony show if the supreme ruler wearing the black dress has already decided your fate? How is the public supposed to have any faith in a system that is so screwed up? How are these events supposed to maintain the illusion of justice? How is this absence of justice supposed to promote the public trust?

Hear and understand this as well ! ! ! Judges are petrified of being recorded and here is the reason! Sure you can order and PAY for court transcripts but those read like a book. What gets lost in the translation is the judge READING HIS OWN FICTION IN HIS OPINION AND ORDER. Reading is the keyword here! He didn't type this shit out from the bench, he did it at lunch yesterday or the day before! It is extremely difficult to tell when reading court transcripts, if the judge is speaking or reading aloud his own writings. How can anything in court be considered fair if it were all decided before the motion hearing? How can you have due process without actual due process?

The hearing itself is YOUR DUE PROCESS!

The defendant was ultimately coerced into a bullshit plea deal that has left him with a felony on his record, a bunch of fines, a ton of wasted personal time, lost wages and a shit load of stress but he was completely defiled and denied any real Due Process along the way.

This is the definition of the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress... an actionable cause, in and of itself.

This is also the conspired deprivation of rights under color of law defined in Title 18 U.S.C., §§ 241 and 242.

Malicious Prosecution and a complete laundry list of other extremely legitimate civil and criminal charges for which no judge is immune.

Popping back in time to the arrest of this defendant and to the reason I became very interested in observing this case...

The arresting officer that swore out the Criminal Complaint and Information and Warrant, had ZERO first hand knowledge. He was not at the initial event that had taken place days prior to the defendant's arrest.

This officer swore to having had first hand knowledge when he knew that he did not. The three officers that were there during the incident itself never signed the criminal complaint.

I call this felony perjury. The cop calls it padding their arrest count and generating revenue for their paychecks.

Folks, when we do not take the time to learn just a little bit of law, we are putting at risk our own freedoms!

When a cop or judge orders you to do things and you don't understand your rights, the only REAL power they have over you is your ignorant and blind respect for authority and your submission to their demands through acquiescence gets them everything they want.

I know... I know... you are thinking. Why didn't you tell the judge to pack sand when he ordered the seizure of your property, right?

That is a really great question!

To be honest, I had to chomp down on my tongue really hard to keep from opening my mouth when the judge started spewing his want of jurisdictional control all over the courtroom! What a pompous ass!

Here is the answer though... Somehow the court was tipped off to my being there and had additional bailiffs! Another thing that was extremely odd was the fact that their was another man sitting on the bench! This man wore a tan suit coat and DIDN'T RISE when the guy said "all rise bla bla bla". I suspect that he was either a body guard or a federal agent, or both. The PA did have police escort back to the county building afterwards... Anyways, I got a little distracted here. sorry.

Here is my answer to the question. I was there to observe the court, the prosecutor, the public defender, the defendant and the "supposedly neutral, third party judge". Opening my mouth would have probably gotten me thrown into jail but definitely would have got me kicked out of the courtroom so I remained silent. Yes... It all did play through my head what I wanted to say... =) and... It would have gone something like this.



Now you might understand WHY I didn't say anything when my property was stolen and rights were stripped by a judger that I was only wanting to observe.

Finally the summary...

We need to start spending time in our courts and in our policing agencies. It IS our job! These folks work for us and when we show no interest in how they do that job, they can and will take advantage of the powers they have been lent by you and me.

I am not saying all courts are bad and I am not saying all cops are bad. If we fail or refuse to monitor them on occasion, how can we truly honor those that are performing excellently and conversely, discover those who should be flipping burgers instead of tazing and arresting 84 year old men with speech impediments in the parking lots of hospitals in Mount Pleasant? YES... this really did happen but it was settled out of court and the case was sealed so you really don't know about it...

When the police tell you where to stand or to get out of their building when it isn't interfering with their work, tell them NO. When a cop asks you for anything without cause nor reason, tell them that you do not consent to any search and YES, asking for your license is a SEARCH of your property. When you submit your license, you are acquiescing to that search.

The government wants to label people that understand their rights to move about the planet freely without being molested by the police. They want us all to be mindless servants to them when in actuality they are employed and paid as our servants and they CHOSE that profession.

Most importantly, you need to spend some time learning law. Not the millions of codes, statutes and ordinances but the actual common law as any pretend law, statute etc that does not conform to the constitution is void and without merit and you have no obligation to obey. Hey don't take my word for it! Do your own homework and read the supreme court decisions that say the exact same thing. Marbary v Madison is a good place to start. Shuttlesworth v Birmingham AL is another.

We have to learn a little bit of law to understand if those serving the law are doing it right!

Peace and God Bless! Stay safe out there and record everything so it doesn't take you a lifetime to get your own justice like it has taken me!

January 16, 2014 ~ FBI Reported to have Commenced Criminal Investigation Of Isabella County on Allegations related to County Government Fraud, Extortion and Racketeering.



December 4 or 5, 2013 ~ Trip to Federal Building in Grand Rapids MI yields Federal Criminal Complaint against MANY Elected Officials and Employees of Isabella County.



September 28, 2013 ~ New Blog Sites!

Wow! Here is a link to one of a few

September 27, 2013 ~ 3 Year Anniversary ! ! !

Today marks the three year anniversary of the Isabella County Sheriff Department seizing my family's home without any lawfull justification and stealing it's contents under COLOR of law.

That is 1,095 DAYS ! ! !

A special shout out to the individual(s) that have been tasked with keeping an eye on this site for the changes and updates! What a boring job that must be! Well, today you will have something to report! Hopefully your position in the county did not require you to swear an oath to the Constitution or YOU TOO may be found guilty of the criminal violations defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242 for participating in the same conspiracy against my family's rights like CHAMBERLAIN... Below is a link to where you can read THE LAW for yourself and I suggest that you do!


That's not all though! Check this link below as well and then ask yourself and your family how everyone feels about you participating in actual criminal activities! Would your spouse really want you to be doing things that have a great chance of landing you in jail?


Claiming that you have been operating under "orders" is NOT a good legal defense nor is it an excuse!

Just to be clear, I have recorded all your visits down to the MAC Address of your mouse! Also remember that I am not doing this to you and that you are doing this to yourself. Remember that my family is not making you participate in the UNLAWFULL activities that you are engaged in! I only caution you because I am sure that you are completely unaware that your active participation in monitoring this site makes you a part of it and offer you this education so that you can separate yourself from it. Just because the CHIEF JUDGE or the PROSECUTOR told (directed) you to do it doesn't mean that it is LAWFULL... In fact, they NEED you to participate to share the blame!

I would urge you to stand apart from the shenanigans of Isabella County.

  1. 1. secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.


August 28, 2013 ~ Corruption in Michigan

August 27, 2013 ~ Getting Press

Affidavits are now puring in from the folks associated with the outlets below claiming they have been given information that attempts to debunk our story!

For what other reason, would I post our sources? LOL

Salem-News.com (27k+ Shares on Facebook)
BeforeItsNews.com (____ Shares on Facebook)
CNN.com (____ Shares on Facebook)
LibertyEnDanger.com (____ Shares on Facebook)
BeatYourselfUp.com (____ Shares on Facebook)
aa-cf.reddit.com (_____ Shares on Facebook)
Friend created Change.org petition (_____ Shares on Facebook)
theprettylieortheuglytruth.blogspot.com (450 Shares on Facebook)
Facebook/Americas Misguided Children (4.2K Shares on Facebook)
Facebook/Prepare to Take America Back (210 Shares on Facebook)
Facebook/Veterans Who Got Screwed (15 Shares on Facebook)
Facebook/The Five on Fox (Fans) (3.2k+ Shares on Facebook)
Facebook/South Alabama Militia (230 Shares on Facebook)
Facebook/NewsTalk 1260 - WFTW
Facebook/Veterans United Against Government Corruption
Facebook/Rolling Thunder, Inc. Maryland Chapter 2
Facebook/Kentucky Constable Association, Inc.
Facebook/Anonymous: Expect Us
Facebook/REAL news for the masses
Facebook/Daughters Of Vietnam Era Soldiers

July 3, 2013 ~ ATF woman calls and tells me that the "Hold" on my ability to purchase a weapon has been lifted.

A Subsequent call to the gun store (Goldstar) by the FBI apparently never happened and when I went into the store they claimed that they couldn't run a 2nd check on me without a call from the FBI so I had to go to a different store to make my purchase.

Fortunately, Jays in Clair had no trouble running a "NICS" check on me Friday, July 5, 2013 and I was able to buy the Beretta 92A1, two holsters, ammo and tax for the same price Goldstar wanted just for the gun itself!

July 1, 2013 ~ Gun purchase Denied by Federal Government

Today, I went to the sporting goods store looking to purchase a handgun and I was told that I could not.

June 12, 2013, the Isabella County Gun Board denied my permit application for my concealed carry permit on the grounds that I was too confrontational and in their unprofessional and unqualified opinion claimed me to be suicidal and homicidal.

September 27, 2010 was ground zero for my family when the Isabella County Sheriff Department took my family's home and it's contents. Ever since, the Isabella County Sheriff Department has been looking to make ME the criminal when my family was robbed by our sheriff department and I was arrested for calling 911.

Although I have complained about the criminal actions of Isabella County, absolutely nothing has been done. No investigation and not even a statement. Bill Schuette knows about our complaint and about all of our allegations and has refused to even talk to me. No explanation and not even an excuse. Same with Rick Snyder our governor.

The question that I am always left with is WHY?

Never before concerned about or interested in politics, I find myself observing the similarities between the government in Isabella County and our Federal government and specifically the lack of accountability and the willful abandonment of the constitution.

What is it that we are not being told? My claims are simple yet have never been answered or addressed. Bill Schuette's office has claimed that his office was conducting a criminal investigation months ago but at the same time keeps saying that he was never aware of my claims in public. Which is it Bill?

My owning a gun does not make me any bigger a threat than my ability to write about injustice so is it logical to assume that my having exercised my 1st amendment rights should strip me of all other rights?

June 26, 2013 ~ Unconstitutional and thus VOID.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in a make believe world where we could make up all the rules as we went along? This is how Isabella County does it!

This is how we lose our rights folks. We allow them to slip away and when they are gone their is no getting them back.

Michigan is a "Shall Issue State" meaning that without the laundry list of reasons to deny my CCW, my county was obligated to issue me a permit to carry my weapon concealed. Instead they labeled me confrontational and denied (infringed further) upon my rights that I already had and STILL do have.

The right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.

My county gun board must also be Board Certified in Clinical Psychology because it practiced medicine and declared me a potential threat to myself and to others when they "clinically diagnosed me" as having suicidal and homicidal tendencies.

How the absence of a permit to carry a weapon concealed can change all these negative tendencies you will have to ask the board as to how they just made myself and the people safer by denying me a piece of paper. Additionally, if I were really a threat to myself and to the people and the county was qualified to make that determination, wouldn't it also stand to reason that the county would now be liable for allowing me to continue to own all the guns that I already have?

As they are not qualified nor certified to practice clinical psychology, this then is a slander and a defamation upon my character.

Gun Boards are NOT supposed to conduct psychological evaluations as they are neither competent nor qualified nor board certified to do so.

But in a world where you get to make up all the rules as you go along, all this makes perfect sense!

18. Not be detrimental to the safety of his or her self or any other person if issued a Concealed Pistol License.

I am quite sure that it was never the intent of the legislation to superimpose that Michigan County Gun Boards perform the work best left to qualified physicians in this last provision and that in any county electing to do so is an abuse of power.

June 20, 2013 ~ Gun Boards in Michigan operate in defiance of the Constitution and are therefore, Unconstitutional and thus VOID.

Having met the Michigan State requirements for it's unconstitutional infringements on my second amendment rights, I fully expected my "permit" (Isabella County Tax on my god given right to protect myself and my family) to be issued me. Instead, I paid the extortion and still do not have the permit! I was robbed again by the government of Isabella County ! ! !

Any public servant or law enforcement officer that claims to have a vote over any person's constitutional rights is not qualified to serve the people or the law and should be immediately fired!

My application for CCW was not any waiver of any rights that I already have but an attempt to follow unconstitutional state and county laws because I am lazy and don't need to be harassed or killed by cops for carrying a weapon in any manner that I choose... "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" seeming to possess the power and authority to tell me how I am allowed to exercise my rights is an infringement of those same rights!

So, just for you Risa Scully and Trooper Larry (frequent visitors of this site) and the other guy that claimed to have a vote in my constitutional rights, you can expect me to flat out reject your "unconstitutional board decision - denial" on the basis of that decision was NEVER YOURS TO MAKE and your decision is VOID.

I maintain my right to carry my weapon as I see fit and demand a full refund of the costs and fees (extortion) paid to Isabella County for charging me for a right that I already have and a right that I never gave up.

Additionally, and knowing that you will never refund your extortion, I will be launching a class action suit against Isabella County and the State of Michigan based upon the unconstitutionality of the Gun Board and will not be making an "appeal" to the same corrupt courts that do your bidding.


Theodore Visner

June 14, 2013 ~ Corruption LACKS Foresight

So threatening the president of the US with Due Process will earn We THE People a visit from the Secret Service. I really don't have a problem with that in-and-of itself, provided of course, that it had nothing to do with my "application" for my CCW.

What I do have a problem with is this:

I am going to bust Isabella County officials on Corruption, charges (and others) yet they think that further mutilation of my constitutional rights are warranted and appropriate?

Trust me when I say that Isabella County has done every bit of "digging" into my past possible since we launched the civil suit against them in 2011 yet the BEST they can do at my gun board is disturbing the peace 9 years ago where I basically plead no-contest, the civil infraction of passing another motor vehicle while pretending or fabricating "ROAD RAGE" on my part and a visit from the secret service and then DENY me based on me being "Too confrontational?

Going on TRIAL, again, at a gun board for things that happened almost a decade prior without any prep time or access to the same information is NOT what is supposed to happen at a gun board.

I was being "Too Confrontational" by the way I was sitting and the fact that I was "recording" according to trooper Larry that claims to get a vote in MY, and YOUR constitutional rights?

I should have brought my camera and tripod. I recorded this event to use as further evidence.

Our Police and Prosecutors do not get to "manufacture evidence" to support their position yet at my gun board, both talked about "Road Rage" as something that I did when I was the one to call the police in the first place and to report the same! After you watch the video, please call, email or txt me if you didn't get the impression that they were taking about my Road Rage.

Threatening the President of the United States...

You cannot threaten something that is already fact! Each and every one of us live with the knowledge that if we break the law, we will "hopefully" be subjected to and allowed our constitutional right to Due Process. When Isabella County took my family's home and it's contents we were not so lucky! We were not afforded our constitutional right to Due Process and for us, it really really really really really really sucked! We were further damaged by Isabella County's refusal to afford us Due Process secured as a right by the Constitution in a court of law.

I, still today, am duty bound to protect the life of the president of the United States whether I like him/her or not and would die to protect him/her as Commander and Chief of the United States. Just because I would die to protect our president does not mean that I would excuse or protect him/her from being charged with a crime. If the president or any elected official is going to act in a way, any way, that is inconsistent with the laws of this country, I feel that they to need to account for their own actions and be ensured full Due Process at the same time. To think otherwise would be to discredit all of the War-Crime trials and tribunals that took place after WWII. I have found reports that our government spent over 64 Million dollars defending president Clinton in his sex scandal with Monica L. The same report also claimed that the US only spent $660k investigating the events on 9/11.

Here is a before and after video comparison of Candidate Obama and President Obama. You tell me... Or decide for yourself. I know people because I have been an employer of people for over 24 years. You need to notice that the level of confidence between these different clips. Everyone knows that it is WAY easier to tell the truth over perpetuating lies and that the more lies you perpetuate, the harder it becomes to keep them all straight.

But back to "OUR" Isabella County...

It seems to have been a really big issue for Risa Scully to address the issues brought forth in the "PUBLIC NOTICE" offered here on this page as a prominent link since early May of this year. Although the Secret Service may have, like officer Larry claims, given him a courtesy call, it isn't very likely that they discussed the information contained on the Public Notice page which became a talking point for Risa Scully. This should have created an awkward moment for Risa Scully because she has a duty to respond to allegations like mine but she didn't. Isabella County has long been aware of our allegations and has realized that their is absolutely nothing they can offer as justification to our allegations from the county's perspective so ignoring the claims all together has been their entire defense against the same.

Risa Scully was asked why she did not return my email and calls and refused to answer. Up to this point, she may have had the "plausible deniability claim" but having recorded this event takes that away. I feel that her refusal to answer is an admission in-and-of itself of having received my email complaints and calls with regard to corruption in Isabella County but now, she is witnessed to having heard the allegations proved to have also seen them on my sites and in my Blogs at this gun board and refusal after this point as the authority over all law enforcement in Isabella County is no longer a valid claim for her and in continuing to refuse to act at this point makes her an accessory to all the same allegations.

Our claims are so very simple!

Isabella County took/stole our home and it's contents and has worked only to cover it up since that point.

Seriously folks, how hard would it actually be for Isabella County to prove me wrong if the actions taken against my family had been somehow justified? Where is the police report? Where is the investigation into my/our allegations? Where is the Warrant, Writs and Orders of the Courts?

They don't exist!

Another very very important part of the supposed gun board interview is that I made it very clear that I was afraid for my safety and the safety of my family to the Elected Prosecutor (Risa Scully) and the Michigan State Police Post Commander of the Mt. Pleasant Post right here in Mount Pleasant and they will never be able to claim that this did not happen or that they were unaware of it.

Now, and in the event that anything bad happens to my family, that BLOOD will be on her hands and his hands directly and as accomplices for having ignored our allegations and doing absolutely NOTHING to protect my family from the same.

Why did I record this event? DUH!

In closing on the "Corruption has no foresight" post, the Isabella County Prosecutor Risa Scully and the rest of the "gun board" were made aware in captured video that I have alleged corruption and other crimes in this county and that I am and have been living in fear of those in our county government since September 27, 2010. The lack of foresight comes in the form that they actually thought that "I wanted or needed" a CCW when it was really only my objective to get an audience with the ELECTED PROSECUTING ATTORNEY FOR ISABELLA COUNTY who had been dodging me and my allegations since she took office in January when they could have just mailed me my permit and avoided this interview all together.

The safety of my family is no joke to me and it needs to be NO JOKE to the government of Isabella County that has been granted it's power and authority by the people to protect the people! PERIOD!

The continued use of the power and authority granted government of Isabella County by it's people to preserve itself and shield itself from accountability and liability to the people is completely CRIMINAL.

June 13, 2013 ~ Isabella County Gun Board

Two days ago, the Isabella County Gun Board rejected my application for a concealed carry permit after fabricating cause out of a citation I received eight years ago for passing a vehicle on the right.


June 4, 2013 ~ Bob from UK writes

Bob June 4, 2013 2:06 pm (Pacific time) I myself cannot offer help by voting or recommending, or even lending a hand. I'm across the pond in England UK and I'm appalled at the way one human being (not as tho' your local Police are Human) can inflict hardship, deceit, lies and theft on another. I so wish that these so-called Blue Bottles/Rozzers/Flat Foot, (that's what they get called over here) get their just (and more) desserts. Your message to the world is getting it done I think. I've been reading through reams of text about all of this and it just shows that the doors close with a slam when people get frightened by (us) the minions. The Authorities that ARE liars and cheats tars the brush for the innocent helpful ones. My thoughts are with you along with empathy as having suffered under the same hammer of deceit and lies by people you pay your taxes to and above all that expense, the trust and the love that you have for your Country. I have sayings to everybody who has the problem of injustice by the governments.. We are all "(Mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on bulls**t)". Yourself having served your country, to protect and to serve, and to abide by the oaths presented to you on your enlistment into that task, and have people like these low-lifes and cowards do this to you is the old adage of Shot at and Sh*t on. I do apologise for the bluntness of a few words but, this is what they do to you, they turn your opinions of your Country to wanting heads to roll. I cannot envisage just what you have gone through in your country, but a vast amount of that comes from the readings and texts presented to the world in what you have endured and maintain to get what is rightfully yours.... (JUSTICE) My kindest regards to all your family and supporters, Bob

Thank you so much Bob from the UK! Your words have meant so much to my family! You are the first and only one over the past 993 days (since this information was made public) to have made a donation here at visner4sheriff.com! Bless your heart!

June 1, 2013 ~ Arrest by Steinert

The more people that see this, the more I am assured that this was no arrest at all but rather a kidnapping! I was interrogated and taken into custody for misuse of 911 without ever having been read my rights!

This is patrol car footage! It belongs to Sheriff Leo's Sheriff Department! This PUKE that kidnapped me is STILL employed by the sheriff department! This is A-OK with sheriff leo!

I wasn't read my rights because Clinton Steinert was the only one with rights afforded him by Badge and Gun!


After thinking, way too much, about how Isabella County might try and deprive my right to keep and bear arms on my person concealed (Michigan, being a SHAL ISSUE STATE), the true plan was revealed when the United States Secret Service agents came to my home and requested that I sign a release that would authorize our federal government to look into my “medical background” for “psychiatric” and “mental health issues” that could and would prevent me from obtaining my CCW.

I jumped at the chance to be FULLY VETTED by the SECRET SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES! Unless they make some shit up, I'm good to go! GOLDEN!

Troubled though, I am left...

Our “STATE”... Michigan... and it's government is supposed to be protecting it's people from the Federal government and somebody seems to be USING the federal government to get for the county government something that it could never get and that is access to my records. You criminals should have just asked me!

Having a HUGE lawsuit against Isabella County and the Unconstitutional Sheriff and the Unconstitutional Prosecutors, deputies, judges etc etc, many of whom serve on the “Isabella County Gun Control Board”, it seemed unlikely that they would all the sudden recognize any of my other rights when they had so blatantly done away with others...

Even after being vetted by our federal government, in a request that no doubt came from State government, I am still not certain that my “county government” will do the right thing and afford me what is already mine by issuing my “Permit Card”.

Regardless of my states decision, I am looking for a Beretta 92fs 9mm in black. If the state sees fit to grant me their “privilege” I know already to be my “right”, I will carry concealed. If they refuse to extend me my right in the form of a their privilege, I will simply OPEN CARY.

Once trusted enough, by the United States Navy and the United States Department of Defense to be the ONLY crew member on board a United States Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine, (consisting of 13+ Officers and over 130 enlisted), to possess at all times while on watch, a loaded 45 cal semi-auto handgun (qualified Expert) while watching over, maintaining and, if need be, making ready to fire- 16 Poseidon C3 Nuclear Ballistic Missiles, each with multiple (more than 10) REBs (warheads) each more than 10x the explosive power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and the corrupt/criminal government in Isabella County gets to question and decide on MY RIGHT to carry concealed? Definitely something wrong with that picture!

After leaving the USN, I maintained a carry permit in Washington State for either eight or twelve years (without incident). The thing about open carry is that if you do it wrong and any part of your weapon is covered, either by your coat, shirt, jacket or even your arm, police can claim that you were carrying or attempting to carry concealed without a permit and for a “citizens” of the United States, this is a gun related felony and you will never be allowed to carry a weapon ever again!

May 28, 2013 ~ email conversations between Realtor Larry Bean, Shelly Sweet and Kathy Smith

Dated August 02, 2010

Dated October 14, 2010

As you will see from the email between Bean, Sweet and Smith, Realtor Larry Bean was instrumental in screwing us over completely.

I will make the links above work after practice.

May 27, 2013 ~ Deadline

Today is the deadline for both the reward and the exemption from prosecution refereed to in the public notice link above and their are still four more open slots. Based upon the information already received, I have been advised to cut the deal short but I am a man of my word and will keep the offer open through midnight tonight.

May 24, 2013 ~ Letter sent to TWO Michigan State Senators- State Senator Mike Green & State Senator Judy Emmons

Dear Michigan State Senator,

I am having a problem in Michigan.

My sheriff department in Isabella County conspired to take my family's house and everything in it using a fake eviction for an employee of the sheriff department instead of actual due process. You can read all about it here. http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may042013/visner-michigan-tk.php and also here: www.Visner4sheriff.com

Criminal laws violated by Isabella County and the Isabella County Sheriff Department are specifically described in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.

Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

These are federal criminal acts executed and carried out by law enforcement- Isabella County Sheriff Department.

Our elected sheriff and our elected prosecutor covered and concealed the events and our elected sheriff even lied to the media claiming we had been evicted.

The Michigan Attorney General has also made it impossible to seek redress of grievances against police misconduct and police crime by forcing the victim to beg the same offenders to charge and prosecute themselves, their friends and coworkers for criminal offenses. This is also a violation of rights secured by the constitution and the ability to seek redress.

Please help my family.


Ted Visner

May 23, 2013 ~ Three Armed Secret Service Agents enter my home unannounced

Three armed federal agents, (United States Secret Service- Special Agents) entered my home without my knowledge while I was operating a table saw and scared the crap out of me. I turned the saw off and turned around to see them approaching me with hands on weapons IN MY HOME!

After introductions (badge flashing), I asked the men if they had a warrant and they looked a little surprised and they asked me what they needed a warrant for and I replied, um... YOU ARE IN MY HOUSE!

Their visit was in response to a post that I had made on Facebook on Wednesday, March 22, 2013 where I explained that carrying out punishment for high crimes and treason needed to happen only after a fair trial and conviction.

Only 28 hours after this post, the secret service had a file on me and had built a threat assessment profile and showed up... not at my door but in my house!

Even if our highest elected officials are in fact ever proven guilty of heinous crimes against OUR COUNTRY they still deserve a fair trial and that was my opening sentence! I have never and will never advocate for violence! I will however advocate for the return of the peoples government to the people! Lies, deception and excuses are NO LONGER TOLERABLE! 

I will advocate for proper attention being brought forward as to the use of the IRS to help win an election! That is total BULLSHIT and directly and intentionally defeats democracy! How can Americans pretend that the use of federal agencies to limit or restrict political opposition still constitutes a democracy? 

What scares the HELL out of me the most is that Obama claims to have learned about the IRS "issue" on the evening news! Plausible deniability?!? So if he was in fact "clueless" as to the use of the IRS in making sure he was re-elected, this only goes to show that he is nothing more than a puppet on a string and what every American needs to be asking themselves is "Who is pulling the strings? Who, if not our president is making all the decisions for We THE People?" 

Our's was a nation of the people, for the people. It isn't any longer. Our's is a nation now of corruption and tyranny. Our government is ALIVE and wanting to stay that way. A sentient entity driven by greed and power doing everything it can to break free from the restrictions imposed by the Constitution of the United States. 

I am not sorry for, nor will I ever apologize for discussing openly, the potential punishment for high crimes and treason against my country regardless of who may have committed them.

Here is a screen capture shot of the post.

May 21, 2013 ~ Mt. Pleasant attorney Bruce Havens files a "PROPHYLACTIC" in Federal Court for client Shelly Sweet!

This is an audio transcript of a Federal Court proceeding where Michigan lawyer Bruce Havens completely bastardizes court rules, procedure and Etiquette and intentionally Abuses Court Process.

Later today I will post Bruce Havens signature blocks from his filings and show them side by side as one of them was altered by Havens to look like a "Federal Court Order"!

Since our story broke last week, reports about "attorney Bruce Havens" have been pouring in from people claiming to know him.

One report claims that Havens had sexual relations with his own client's wife during his own client's divorce! That report goes on to claim that Havens was disciplined for that indiscretion by being restricted from practicing "Family Law" but allowed him to continue in other areas of practice. Thanks "AGC" for allowing this lawless legal predator to participate in victimizing my family!

Please keep in mind that this court audio transcript is included in the civil action suit against Isabella County.

A formal complaint against Havens was filed with the "Attorney Grievance Commission" and they REFUSED to address our complaint. Apparently people are not allowed to complain about the lawyer on the other side no matter how hard they got F$^#&d by the intentional abuse and misuse of court process!

May 19, 2013 ~ Very Graphic!

This is a wake up call people! This video is completely full of events of police beating and beating and beating helpless and defenseless citizens.

If you find it hard to believe that police can force my family out of our home and steal everything in it you have to check out this video to see just what our police are capable of!

Our foul interaction with police in Isabella County, MI did not involve violence but did include the above the law attitude while thinking they would never be questioned or charged for their unlawful conduct and they would not even miss a day of work!

What we all know is that our police do things that they can get away with because it has been typically difficult to prove and even harder to believe possible.

This difficulty is now in the past now that most of our cell phones have video recording capabilities. Cameras all across the country and the world are just now starting to record events that have been going on for decades!

One of the most disturbing parts of this clip is the van chase that resulted in the van rolling and a person being thrown out of the vehicle. This person was at least, completely unconscious if not already dead when police 5 officers started beating on this person relentlessly knowing that additional injuries could be explained by the crash itself.

May 14, 2013 ~ The Good ol' Boys Racket,
your time is OVER!

Since this story broke last week, I have been bombarded with other information about corruption in Isabella County.

Although I had seen it first hand, other people are telling me how "OUR COURT SYSTEM" is being used to protect the elite while protecting illegal rackets right here under our noses!

I now have people writing in and telling me the details of the rampant and flagrant use and abuse of the court itself in Isabella County. Judges and lawyers taking payoffs to produce the outcome of a court trials!!! Milking the public defender fund and the list goes on!

This is the thing about corruption! Corruption breeds MORE corruption! When you can't tell on me and I can't tell on you without exposing something or anything that would implicate us both you get the government we have today.

Are you still wondering WHY Larry Burdick resigned before this last election??? Our elected Prosecuting Attorney!!!

May 13, 2013 ~ The Office of the Attorney General of the free and independent state of Michigan, serving
"We THE People".

As if things weren't problematic enough!

Now, the Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, has created another conflict of interest by not allowing the citizens of Michigan to get any help from his=our office as Michigan's Attorney General by implicating himself and his office through it's denial of a means to seek redress all together by families that have been victimized by law enforcement.

The "peoples lawyer of Michigan" has created a conflict of interest that basically prohibits him now from helping my family because of having created and maintained the dead-end in our ability to report police crimes and police misconduct. By eliminating a means to report police crime and police misconduct, Schuette has implicated himself by becoming the largest part of the problem as opposed to the solution.

Schuette, by making it impossible to report police crime and police misconduct, has in every essence, endorsed and promoted the same by design and intent by removing a means by which to report it and thus removing any deterrent. Basically sheltering the offenders and further oppressing the victims.

The idea being that if no police crime and police misconduct can be reported that this must mean that these horrible things never happen? Or was it his intent to reduce the financial liability for the same?

Either way it is nothing short of stupid because it denies the citizens of Michigan the opportunity at redress which is a right secured by the Constitution of the United States and Michigan's own Constitution.

Additionally, Isabella County created and promoted a conflict of interest between the AG's Office and ourselves when it transfered it's active investigation into my criminal charges for calling 9-1-1 to the Michigan AG.

May 8, 2013 ~ The long cold silence is finally over

In what can only best be described as an explosion, my family's plight is finally going viral after two and a half years of complete and utter silence BUT PLEASE CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD! THE FIGHT IS FAR FROM OVER!

Today I was invited to speak live with The Patriot Voice Radio Network here:

http://yourdefendingfathers.us/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PatriotVoice

Here is the 15+ min interview explaining what happened in Isabella County.

May 9, 2013 ~ Letter to Bill Schuette


Dear Bill Schuette, Michigan Attorney General

Vigilante police take family's home and it's contents.

One female Isabella County Sheriff Department employee (Shelly Sweet), convinced and conspired with another male sheriff department deputy, (Clinton Steinert), that her tenants had never paid her any rent and had forced her into foreclosure and were trashing her home. The two sheriff department employees then went to the property in disguise and executed an illegal self-help eviction on the family and kept 95% of the contents in the home. The two admittedly were the family's judge, jury and executioners and had ruled on and sentenced the family to not only the loss of their home but the contents as well as if the contents of the home were to compensate Sweet for her hardship and to punish the tenants.

The problem was that the woman had lied about everything to the deputy. The family had made all payments on time and were not trashing their home that they had bought, not rented, from the woman on a land contract. The property went into foreclosure because the woman was not paying her underlying mortgage and had listed and sold the home to another and different buyer and needed the occupants out immediately to keep the home from being taken back by the bank that held the underlying mortgage.

This vigilante style trial on the streets was all wrong and deprived the family of due process in a court of law. The woman simply didn't have time to wait for the slow process of the court and figured out a much faster way that didn't require any truth or evidence.

How do I know? I was there! Myself and my family were the lawful occupants of that home that were cast out by police in a conspired, illegal, self-help eviction under color of law by the Isabella County Sheriff Department.

Shelly Sweet and Clinton Steinert thought that they could pull off the disguise because we didn't know, (at that time), that Sweet was employed by the sheriff department. Sweet had previously been employed by my sister's medical practice up and to the point she was fired for calling in sick to work one too many times on a Monday.

As if this were not nightmare enough, the deputy arrested me later that same day for “misuse of 9-1-1” and booked me in the county jail on criminal charges.

In addition to the various state laws broken by the unlawful pair, they crossed federal criminal lines when they conspired to deprive my family of rights secured by the Constitution of the United States while under color of official duty and as outlined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

Then the most disturbing thing of all happened! The elected sheriff, (Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski), a second term sheriff took our complaint and buried it and refused to talk with or to do anything to help my family (oppression, fraud and deceit- violating MCL 51.69) while aiding and abetted in all of the same crimes above and reported to the Morning Sun newspaper that we were simply upset for having been evicted... A flat out lie. The elected Isabella County Prosecutor, Larry Burdick followed suit by completely ignoring our complaint that was not only presented to him but also to the entire Isabella County Board of Commissioners of which he sits as a board member that claimed and I quote "my family's issues are outside the purview of this board". These were high crimes and prosecutorial discretion was not an option for him. Larry Burdick was required by law to act on our complaint but refused to prosecute his friends.

My bogus arrest during the commission of federal crimes by police was not an arrest at all but a kidnapping which elevates the potential punishment for the same crime to that of death according to the same United States Code listed above.

Additionally the Michigan Attorney General (Bill Schuette) has made it impossible to seek redress by requiring that our complaint be made to the offending agency and if that doesn't work to the county prosecutor. In our case the law enforcement agency and the county prosecutor were both agencies of the same county (massive and insurmountable amount of conflict of interest) and neither were willing to arrest their friends and coworkers. But this was the last choice for all citizens of Michigan to seek redress. No other alternatives were offered and the Michigan Attorney General refused to answer my family's complaints. Refusing a means by which to seek redress of grievances is also unconstitutional and in-and-of itself promotes police misconduct and police crime because it removes any and all deterrent to the same.

This is what happens when people ignore and abandon the constitution and the oath of office.

These criminal acts against my family were terrible and greatly harmed my family but the lack of immediate ability to seek redress destroyed our businesses and our lives and has intentionally kept our damages compiling on a daily basis for the specific purpose of intentionally and completely defeating us mentally, emotionally and financially in an attempt to completely kill our complaint and our ability to seek redress making all of the above extremely heinous.

Since September 27, 2010 my family has been living this nightmare in exile. We have been shunned by the towns folk and have greatly restricted our time in the same town where once we had businesses. My wife had even been denied gainful employment because of this situation.


Ted Visner
(989) 954-2814

PS: The criminal intent to maintain the initial disguise (that Sweet was not employed by or associated with the Isabella County Sheriff Department) was maintained after we filed our civil complaint when the county and it's employees and elected officials were represented by one lawyer that claimed to represent everyone employed by the county when he did not represent Shelly Sweet who was left to represent herself when as an employee, should have also been entitled to the same representation.

While one might argue that Richard McNulty was ignorant of the fact that Sweet was employed by the Isabella County Sheriff Department which is highly improbable, one cannot deny that the county itself and all of the others named in our complaint knew that it employed Shelly Sweet.

April 23, 2013 ~ Defining "Conflict of Interest"

So... Employees of the Isabella County Sheriff Department took my family's home and it's contents without a shred of justification (legal or otherwise), Isabella County Administrative staff and elected officials pretend that nothing ever happened (becoming accessories), we file a civil suit with the Isabella County Trial Court and list allegations of federal crime(s), (believing the county would want to take part in it's own clean-up and also believing that justice is blind (LOL)), only to have the Isabella County Chief Judge dismiss our case all together not only in violation of the "Court Rules" but also in violation of his own ordered close of dis-positive motions and more of our constitutional civil rights...

Judge Chamberlain didn't even pretend to look at our allegations in any light favorable to the non-moving party (us) as he was required by law.

Suing Isabella County and asking the same to preside over the matter (foolishly thinking justice to actually be blind) was nothing more than childish ignorance on our part.

How could any reasonable person think, that any party to a lawsuit could preside over the same with any degree of objectivity and fairness?

Chief Judge Chamberlain should have granted our motion for change of venue almost a year ago but didn't. Why let this case go to the federal court when Isabella County can hang on to it for another year (further damaging my family) only to dismiss it all together after the case had originally been scheduled for trial!

Chief Judge Chamberlain is violating Article 1 §§ 2 and 3 of the Constitution of Michigan by not allowing us unbiased access to protection under the law.

Our Appeal is now in the hands of the Michigan Appellate Court in Lansing where we have asked our appellate court judges to recognize the existing bias and conflict of interest in this case and have also asked for injunctions and asked our case to be remanded to the federal court.

Is our constitution nothing more than a set of ideals? Every law in this nation is born of our constitution and those that aren't are deemed invalid and void if any part of a law's content violates the constitution itself.


Isabella County Administrators tell me they are not interested in addressing my family's issues, (allegations of federal criminal actions against my family by our police), because addressing those issues would disrupt the county government!

Wait a second... You collect taxes from me to do your job... If you collect taxes from me and don't do your job that is called Fraud, Racketeering and Extortion!

I wouldn't take county money to build the county a new courthouse and spend that money in the casino but the county seems to have no problem collecting tax money to perform government functions and then NOT performing them! Isabella County will take my money though, provide me with police protection that creates more harm than good and expect me to like it? WRONG ! ! !

I want a friggin refund! Every tax paying citizen in Isabella County should be demanding a refund.

What part of "of the people - for the people" does our government not understand? The better question would be... What part of it do they understand?

Today I faxed and mailed the following letter to the FBI's Bay City address.

115 First Street
Bay City, MI 48708-5601
Phone: (989) 892-6525
Fax: (989) 891-1080

Dear FBI,

A retired Federal Court Judge (wishing to remain anonymous) suggested that I make yet another pitch to the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Bay City branch:

Members of the Isabella County Sheriff Department conspired together and came to my family's property in disguise with the intent to deprive my family of rights secured by the constitution of the United States and in criminal violation of Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

Our home and it's contents were taken from us without any due process of law by police action on September 27, 2010. No receipt and no police report and no court order.

Our every attempt at redress has been denied and blocked.

Please consider this a formal request for a federal investigation.


Ted Visner and family
(989) 954-2814

I have made the same request of the FBI and the DOJ no less than 20 times over the course of the last 2.5 years. A guy named Arron from the DOJ called me once but other than that I have not heard back.

Citizens not having any functional means to report criminal violations of federal law is, in-and-of-itself, unconstitutional.


Two and a half years have now passed since the Isabella County Sheriff Department conspired to deprive my family of our constitutional civil rights while in disguise and under color of law.

You decide...

The Isabella County Sheriff's Department and it's personnel entered my home without authorization or justification, lawful or otherwise and stole the contents of our home. We interrupted them part way through and called 911 and the same perpetrators responded to our 911 call for help and then forced us to leave our own property under threat of arrest while allowing the looting of our home to continue. We complied to avoid arrest and immediately attempted to get competent law enforcement help from the administrators of the Sheriff Department. Administrators, under-sheriff, called the Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney and the PA advised the under-sheriff that if we had not been evicted and could prove we had not been evicted that we should get our home back. Returning to our home I personally witnessed active looting and made that report to the deputy who again forced me to leave my own property under threat of arrest. Ultimately we regained possession of our home that we should have never lost in the first place only to discover it's contents had been stolen which prompted yet another call to 911 to report the burglary. This request for help was rejected by the Isabella County Sheriff Department which prompted another call asking for help from the Michigan State Police and this request was also rejected.

Deputy Steinert then returned to our now empty home (his 3rd visit) and arrested me for calling 911.

Our initial 911 call was held for over an hour (see 911 call logs) while the plan to deceive us was conceived and conspired by employees of the sheriff department.

I begged Sheriff Leo to help us and he turned his back on us opting rather to hide and conceal the facts of this case in some misguided effort to save the county from the liability and embarrassment it had created for itself.

I'm not crazy... These actions violate Federal Criminal Law and when our elected sheriff worked only to cover and conceal he became an active participant... an accomplice in Federal Crimes against my family.

Sheriff Deputy Steinert refused our requests for police reports on both his first and second visits to our home. After Steinert arrested me he had to complete a police report. This report was kept from us for four months because of the “Active Investigation” into my criminal arrest for calling 911.

18 USC - Crimes

Sec. 241. Conspiracy against rights If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured

Shelly Sweet, an Isabella County Sheriff Department employee came to our property in response to our 911 call for help. Although she had been working on Monday September 27, 2010, our call for help was held for over an hour which allowed her time to change out of uniform and come to our home disguised as a civilian. Steinert and Sweet then told us that they only knew each other from an event that happened years in the past while neglecting to mention that they had both just come from the same building. At the time, my wife and I didn't know that Sweet was a sheriff department employee. This disguise was intended to mask a bias that was intended to, and succeeded in, relieving my family of our home and personal property.

Sec. 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States...

Our home and it's contents were taken from us by police force. Although I would have been fully within my right to defend our home and property, standing off with the Isabella County Sheriff Department would have most likely resulted in my own death or incarceration on felony charges. As it were, I felt lucky to have only been arrested for misuse of 911.

Isabella County has proven itself to be dysfunctional yet again by accepting White's guilty plea to second-degree vs first-degree murder and I am again utterly disgusted...

WOW ! ! !
Can anyone say it any better than Bob Schultz?


The elected Sheriff of Isabella County, the deputy sheriffs of Isabella County, the Prosecuting Attorney of Isabella County, the Isabella County Board of Commissioners and the Isabella County Trial Court have all sworn an oath to protect, preserve and defend the constitution of the United States.

Each and every person listed above by position and title have been made fully aware of what our sheriff's department and it's staff have done to my family thus failing to keep their oath and allowing my family to be further victimized by tyranny right here in Isabella County.

Isabella county's momentous culmination of prophetic asshattery has caused the elements themselves, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Toilet Cake, to stand up and take notice.

Taking from me and violating my rights are one thing but taking rights and property from my wife and children... Taking my wife and childrens home... Taking my wife and childrens personal property... Totally unacceptable.

I'm not satisfied until every American enjoys his full constitutional rights.

Ron Paul,
what it is to be a "True Patriot"

When we fail to challenge government when the government is wrong, we ignorantly give the government our consent to be wrong and the more government is allowed to be wrong by ignorant consent, the more it will be wrong. - Theodore Visner

Folks, you need to ask yourself some simple questions if you reside in Isabella County.

What would you do if someone from your Sheriff's Department entered your home without your permission, authorization or a shred of justification (legal or otherwise) and removed all of your home furnishings (it's contents)?

Setting aside for a moment, the fact that this action was done by a Sheriff's Department employee, and you were not aware of who entered your house and removed/stole it's contents.

1. Would you call the police?
2. Would you expect the police to respond and hear your complaint?
3. Would you expect the police to investigate a crime?
4. Would you expect a police report for the reported incident?

This happened to my family and we called the police, we expected a response, we expected an investigation and we expected a police report but what we got here in Isabella County was:

1. Our 9-1-1 call for help was held for over an hour.
2. Police responded along with the person that emptied our home.
3. Officer responding claims B&E, criminal trespassing and larceny to be “Civil” matters
4. Officer responding allows more of our personal property to be stolen while he is right there.
5. Officer refuses to investigate
6. Officer refuses to provide us with a police report.
7. Officer makes us leave our own property under threat of arrest (twice, at two different times)
8. I am arrested for misuse of 9-1-1 and spend the night in jail.

Subsequent calls to 9-1-1 for the same emergency that was not being addressed by the first officer on the scene ultimately led to my being arrested for misuse of the 9-1-1 system and I spent the night in jail. Calling the Isabella County Sheriff's Department to report a crime resulted in my own arrest for calling 9-1-1.

Your home is your sanctuary. Do you randomly allow strangers into your home to do as they please with it's contents or do you lock it up before you head off to work with an expectation that when you return, everything in it will be as it was when you left?

When might it be considered justifiable for persons to enter your home without your permission?

1. Is your landlord or mortgage company allowed by law to enter your home when they please without your permission?
< NO >
2. Are the police allowed to enter your home whenever they feel like it without probable cause and without your permission and do as they please with the contents of your home? < NO >
3. With a Court Order (an order signed by a judge in a court of law), police may enter your home with the specific purpose and reason specified in the court order itself. These are typically a warrant to search or a warrant to seize. Warrants are court orders signed by a judge after having shown “probable cause”.

In Isabella County it is a “Felony Crime” to order a $5.00 dollar sub-sandwich and take it from the deliver guy without paying for it but employed members of our Sheriff's Department can enter your home and remove it's contents with the assistance of co-workers (law enforcement officers) and this is not a crime.

More than $55,000.00 dollars worth of personal property (not including sentimental and irreplaceable property) was removed from my family's home on September 27, 2010 at an address in Mount Pleasant by a Sheriff Department employee with the help and assistance of an Isabella County Sheriff Deputy without a court order and without any legal justification what-so-ever and the same department claims that this is not a crime.

It's a felony crime to steal a five dollar sub-sandwich but there is no crime in stealing a house full of home furnishings in Isabella County.

What makes this totally unconscionable were the immediate actions and in-actions of the Sheriff's Department Administrative staff and our, now third term, elected sheriff.

The contents of our home had just been stolen, the responding officer claims B&E, Criminal Trespass and Grand Larceny are all civil matters and in effort to thwart liability the administrators agree. Ask your elected Sheriff why he failed to address allegations of personnel from his own department robbing my family's home. Sheriff Leo told the Morning Sun that we were just upset because we had been evicted and this is a total fabrication of evidence. Although completely untrue and unfounded, The Morning Sun printed his claim without any attempt to verify the statement as factual.

This case goes much deeper than a simple unlawful eviction conspired and carried out by employees of the Isabella County Sheriff's Department in that the employees conspired to intentionally deprive my family of our constitutional rights and freedoms defined in the fourth and fourteenth amendments and this conspiracy itself is a violation of Federal Criminal Law as defined in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

The fact that I was later wrongfully arrested, constitutes kidnapping and severely increases the penalties under the Title 18 sections named above. In efforts only related to trying to get police protection for my family I was wrongfully arrested and jailed.

If you have a similar claim or situation regarding the Isabella County Sheriff Department you are encouraged to get in touch with us. Abuse and Misuse of force, wrongful eviction, wrongful arrest etc. Even if you called the police and were yourself arrested for something completely unrelated we would like to hear about it.

I've been busy the last couple months forming relationships with national organizations that have been established over the last couple years out of a need to create a stable platform from which these issues are forced to be addressed.

Right here in Isabella County, we have a government, supposedly of the people and for the people that is doing much more harm than good yet we are being made to pay for it.

It is time to demand change in our county before any more families are victimized by our government leaders inability to do what is right in Isabella County!

It's really simple folks... Ask sheriff Leo to show you the order of our eviction signed by a judge.

Where does an elected sheriffs' protection from prosecution stop? In my opinion it stops just as soon as he/she has made the conscious decision to actively participate in an unlawful activity.

In Michigan, an elected sheriff cannot be held liable for the conduct of the department's deputies. This exemption does not offer blanket protection to an elected sheriff that has chosen to actively participate in a crime or actively work to cover for or conceal a crime or to allow for flight (get-away) of the criminal actors. This is aiding and abetting or being an accomplice.

At law, an accomplice has the same degree of guilt as the person he or she is assisting, is subject to prosecution for the same crime, and faces the same criminal penalties.

In our case, Shelly Sweet started robbing our home over a two or three day period when we were away. We discovered the intrusion and called police who showed up and forced us to leave under threat of arrest allowing the theft of our property to continue. After informing the under sheriff of the situation he called the prosecutor and told us that if we could furnish proof we had not been evicted our interest in our home and its content should be restored. Returning to the property I witnessed personal property being removed from our home and loaded in a truck belonging to Robert Wheeler boyfriend of Shelly Sweet. After informing Deputy Steinert of what I had witnessed and having asked him to look in the truck he refused, ordered me off of the property again under threat of arrest and later allowed Wheeler to leave the property with the truck and it's content only to return to the property in a different vehicle.

Shelly Sweet is and was employed by the Isabella County Sheriff Department. Deputy Clinton Steinert was also employed then and now as an employee of the Isabella County Sheriff Department.

Although Sheriff Leo claimed to me over the phone that Deputy Steinert had been given a lecture, nothing more was done and both employees are still employed by the Isabella County Sheriff Department.

Sheriff Leo was informed that two of his employees took part in the looting of my family's home without cause or justification and he did absolutely nothing when he had a fiduciary responsibility to address our allegations and to help my family. His decision and only actions were to attempt to shield the department and it's staff.

The only civil component to our allegations was our unlawful eviction and our unlawful eviction does not address criminal trespass, B&E and Grand Larceny that was carried out by one or more Isabella County Sheriff Department employees and forcibly assisted by another, a deputy, that wore a badge and carried a gun.

11-07-12d - Oppression Hurts!

Google (Michigan Law) MCL 51.69 governing the elected Michigan sheriff

MCL 51.69 (Michigan Law) quoted in part below:

... shall be required to well and faithfully perform and execute the office of sheriff of the county of .............., during his or her continuance in office by virtue of the election, without fraud, deceit, or oppression, and shall pay over all money that may come into his or her hands as sheriff.”

Isn't it BOTH fraudulent and deceitful for sheriff Leo to tell the Michigan State Police and the Morning Sun that we were just upset because we had been evicted knowing we had not been evicted?

Isn't it oppressive to ignore our criminal allegations, refuse to investigate and ensure other agencies also ignore them as well when my family's home and everything in it were taken from us?

11-07-12 - Lost my bid for Sheriff

Out of 41,650 registered voters here in Isabella County, only 22,878 (just over half) voted in the election for Isabella County Sheriff. With another 8% of the vote I would have been elected.

11-06-12 - Today is Voting Day!

Out of all of the political ads and images I have seen on the Internet this election, the one below best suits my thoughts and feelings most accurately.

Just like our laws, our political establishments are in a constant state of flux. Being either a Democrat or a Republican does not mean the same thing today is it did 20 - 30 years ago.

Kudos to the unknown artist!

11-05-12 - YOUR VOTE COUNTS ! ! !

11-03-12c - A High Honor

I would consider being elected your Sheriff on November 6th to be among one of the Highest Honors and Privileges that could ever be bestowed upon any individual and would take this job very seriously and would vow to give it my complete, thorough and undivided attention.

I will make myself available to every citizen by maintaining an open door policy with the public, the citizens of Isabella County, whether you voted for me or not.

I will implement transparency in our Sheriff Department and the citizens will be invited to participate in decisions that effect us all, financially and otherwise as we make plans to address the problems facing our sheriff department, our county and our jail.

I will restore our citizen's pride in our sheriff department and take it to an all new and unprecedented level.

For me, this has been a "call back to active duty" and is one call that I, as a patriot, will always readily accept and one that I could never ignore.

I am ready and prepared to once again swear my oath to the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Michigan and to the people of Isabella County as it's new Sheriff and that I will never place anything higher in my priorities than that oath and my promise to serve tirelessly, the citizens of Isabella County.

11-03-12b - Your Civic Duty!

Every once in a while, someone is allowed/voted into office that has impressive qualifications but not the character to use those qualifications for the betterment of the citizens he/she has been elected to represent. Unfortunately this is the case with our current sheriff.

I have done all that I possibly could to get this far on much less than $1,000 dollars in total campaign contributions and if, after reading the content on this site for 10 minuets, you believe that I could and would do a much better job than our current sheriff, I would encourage you to share the address of this site with everyone you know and become a functional part of making a very important and positive change right here in our community before any more damage is done.


Ted Visner

The fair and just treatment of our prisoners is not only important, it is our responsibility. While I firmly believe that criminals should most definitely be punished, I also believe that their punishment should not exceed that imposed by the judge and should never give rise to lawsuits for violating civil rights.

"In a perfect world, the sheriff said, there would be a gymnasium or other exercise area but the jail was built in the 1950s and no such provision was made at that time."

This 62 year old problem was here when I got here... not my fault... Not my fault that I have allowed 8 of those years to lapse without addressing the issues...

Hell! I'm just the sheriff!

In a perfect world, we would have no crime and no need for jails. Since we are not living in a perfect world, we all need to do what we can to make life better for everyone and do it without violating "anyone's" federally protected civil rights and yes, this includes the rights of our resident jail inmates.

Putting our trusty status/non-violent inmates to work in the community would not only have satisfied the ACLU lawsuit complaints before they manifested themselves in a civil action against our county but could have been saving the county and the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past eight years.

10-04-12 - Photograph of Intruder!

Two years and two weeks ago today my family's home was robbed and just today we were able to obtain photographic proof of unauthorized entry (criminal trespassing) through "Production Demands" in civil court. Production requests had been repeatedly ignored by the defendants since December 2011.

The man in the picture is Robert Wheeler of Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Although Robert Wheeler has been accused of criminal trespassing and theft of property (among other things), the Isabella County Sheriff's Department refuses to arrest him (or others involved) due to their relationship with Shelly Sweet, a clerk with at the Isabella County Sheriff's Department.

Click the image for the full size picture.

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

This picture was taken on September 25, 2010 while my family was away from our home for the weekend and no one was authorized entry to our home.

We returned to our home on Monday September 27, 2010 to find it nearly emptied. Almost all of our personal property stolen.



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