When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
-Thomas Jefferson

When the government fears an individual, the individual is spited with all their might.
- Theodore Visner

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Visner Family

Freedom, Liberty & Justice for all?

Not currently available here in Michigan!

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Local county & state police have been trying to build a case against me that they may expect to try and use as leverage? Previous index page

Isabella county sheriff dept. stole my family's home and contents without court approval obviously (no court order), then unlawfully arrest me (kidnap me during the commission of federal crimes) for calling 911. Story Link Here!

Sign Petition here. Michigan Veteran Family Loses Home and it's Contents to employed members of the Isabella County Sheriff's Department without Due Process, without a police report, without a receipt, without warning and without any legal justification what-so-ever.

Isabella county Chief judge Paul Chamberlain forced to join conspiracy to violate rights to protect the "Public Trust" by stopping and preventing the right to the redress of grievances secured by the 1st Amendment.

Michigan Court of Appeals struck my 60+ page appeal brief claiming that it did not conform to the standards set for lawyers (I'm no lawyer) then dismissed my appeal for not having an accompanying brief! Then completely ignored my demand for a refund! Extortion by our states highest court!

Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain orders armed men in uniform (bailiffs) to steal personal property from me and people sitting in the gallery!

Mount Pleasant lawyer Bruce Havens creates, by his own admission, court documents designed to be used in lieu of actual court orders and in complete and intentional avoidance of due process.

Protection by means of public broadcast. Visit my YouTube Channel here.

Mount Pleasant State Police Post Commander Larry Schloegl claims to get to vote in and on people's individual rights when he is serving on the gun board!

Interested citizens should call the following people and ask why are they covering for crimes by police in Isabella County Michigan.

State Officials:
These people should be able to tell you why the sheriff department took my family's home and it's contents without a court ordered warrant and why they are refusing to address our criminal grievances.

Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski (989)772-5911

Prosecutor Risa Scully (989)772-0911 ext 311

MSP Larry Schloegl (989)773-5951

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Announced visit to the sheriff department on social media to report on illegal parking by police employees offers opportunity to create a police report claiming me as a stalker and the sheriff department as victim.

Failed attempt to report state and federal crimes at the Michigan State Police Post in Mt Pleasant creates opportunity for police to create a police report naming me "Volatile Person" and the State Police as the victim.

Mt Pleasant man arrested on a fraudulent warrant that included a sworn affidavit by a police officer that had NO first hand knowledge of the events. (Video soon)

Prosecutor Larry Burdick resigns.

Trip through security with loaded magazine (by accident) gets me named "Potential Domestic Terror Threat" by Michigan State Police.


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We have a problem with governmental corruption in Isabella County, Michigan. Unless you have been exposed directly, this corruption lies out of sight and just beneath the facade.

<--- First time visitors, please sign the petition to the left.

The time to get involved is not after you have found yourself being handled by our county police or in our county courts.

December 19, 2014 ~ Open message to all Militia in every state

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Continue to regulate and organize.
Do not boast and remain respectful and peaceful.
Understand that there will be infiltrators amongst your ranks at every level.
Grow your numbers without fear for every corporate impostor taken in you will find 10+ men pure of heart.
Beware of those most eager and those most eager to act.
Beware of men on state or federal salary including DISABILITY COMPENSATION.
Study both the Bible and our Constitution.
Be smart and stay safe.

The fear of infiltration has for decades, and intentionally and rightfully so, been a restrictive factor in the peoples ability to organize, regulate and effectively grow.

As you already know, our courts have been captured and our ability to seek redress eliminated and due process destroyed. We the people are now being openly plundered by the corporate fiction to support their ever growing standing army directly under the nose of the American people.

Since this standing army was not authorized by official act of Congress, we need to recognize this force for what it is... a foreign occupying force.

We stand as the last thorn in opposition to global governance (global slavery).

Continue to lead by impeccable standards and excellent example.

Peace, my brothers and sisters. May God bless us, each and every one.

Many thanks for the watchful eyes upon myself and my family!


Theodore Visner Visner for Sheriff - Isabella County, MI, Ted Visner
De jure Sheriff
for the county of Isabella.

December 15, 2014 ~ Until yesterday, the people have had no where to go to register complaints and to seek redress of grievances

How did we happen to digress back to the very same conditions that led our founding fathers to break the ties and to declare our independence from Britain?

Today, I am taking complaints and completing reports as the De Jure Sheriff of Isabella County as the corporate county sheriff has and continues to refuse to do. Something to do with the corporate county charter I would imagine...

Our corporate county government units don't have to acknowledge, support and uphold the Constitution so they do NOT.

The problem for them is, We the People did not establish and ordain these corporate fictions. We the People, established and ordained the de jure republic form of government that has been suppressed almost entirely out of existence.

If you have attempted to report crime of public officials and have been rejected, don't feel bad because you are in great company.

December 14, 2014 ~ Taking Complaints

As the De Jure, non-corporate Sheriff of my county, I am taking (non-emergency) complaints from any and all within my jurisdiction, the jurisdiction defined as Isabella County. At this time however, your complaints must first be rejected by the county corporation.

If you feel you have an emergency, you should dial 9-1-1.

If your complaint is considered a non-emergency you are encouraged to send an email to ted@visner4sheriff.com and I will personally address your complaint.

December 14, 2014 ~ Visner is the De Jure Sheriff of Isabella County by the vote of the people

This week I discovered that I was the only De Jure candidate for Isabella County Sheriff in 2012.

I also learned that Sheriff Leo at the time was and had been working for and with the De Facto corporate government in Isabella County and that he had, for the previous eight year, pledged his oath to the corporate fictional government of Isabella County.

To understand the reason why our country has gotten so screwed up you only need to come to understand one thing.

Corporations have taken over government absent the knowledge of most people. In 1933 after the US bankruptcy, all government units incorporated. This was unconstitutional and was supposed to be temporary but greed consumed those who realized the advantages of running the government under a corporation as opposed to legitimate republic form of government. Lets face it, running a government under the chains of the constitution is a real drag! No power, no benefits etc etc...

Today our government structure consists of the De Jure and the De Facto. The De Jure was here from the beginning and created by our founding fathers. The De Facto came into being after the US bankruptcy and is all a corporate fiction from the local units of government all the way up to the federal government. They are all for-profit corporations with investments and holdings that we don't even know about. Google CAFR.

To better understand the De Jure and De Facto think of it as two columns with De Jure on one side and De Facto on the other. De Jure being legitimate and De Fact being the fraud. Every elected official first swears an oath to the De Facto before swearing an oath to the De Jure leaving the De Jure side of government vacant and abandoned.

Every elected official works to preserve the illusion currently held over the people that we have a government at all when in fact we have been hoodwinked.

In 2011 and 2012 when I was running for sheriff, I didn't even know that our government was currently and had been for decades, a corporate fiction. My candidacy was completely De Jure while my opponent's was completely De Facto. The De Facto, both Republican and Democratic parties, knew this. This is why my "alleged party" publicly endorsed the opposing candidate.

When I ran against corporate sheriff Leo, he had already been serving the corporation of Isabella County for the past eight years as the De Facto sheriff.

True government can NOT step away from the restrictions, requirements and chains of the constitution but the corporate fiction can, will and does. When you hear a judge, in open court, claim that the constitution has no place in his courtroom, he is in fact correct because his court is De Facto and not De Jure. He is there by and through usurpation and fraud and not by vote of the people.

Everyone knows that you can not maintain a lie forever and the delicate De Facto house of cards is coming apart rather quickly. This duality in government needs to be know and made to stop.

Our system of government is not flawed, it has been taken over by corporations and greed.

The corporate fiction in Isabella County watches this site daily and the logs have been made public and are monitored by others. While the county should rebut any incorrect facts herein, I am more likely to be killed for making this presentation publicly.

The fictional corporate influence here in Isabella County is overwhelming to say the least. My discovery of these facts has made me a target of everyone willingly participating in the corporate fiction, it's fraud and it's takeover and subversion of our counties and of our country.


Sheriff Leo, with regard to my family (We the People) has NEVER been a sheriff at all.

He allowed and then protected (thru fraudulent use of the sheriff's office) the following

In 2010 the sheriff department looted my family's home

In 2010 the sheriff department stole my family's home

In 2010 the sheriff department gave my family our home back empty after it had been looted whereas we had no reason to stay and thus left.

In 2010 the sheriff department kidnapped me during the commission of federal crimes by the sheriff department.

Sheriff Leo has never acted as Isabella County Sheriff in all the time I have known him.

Sheriff Leo has continued to refuse to act as sheriff since my allegations were made known to him in 2010.

I have never known sheriff Leo to act and perform the duties of sheriff outside of media ops.

Sheriff Leo is not a sheriff for the people. He has abandoned and left vacant the De Jure seat of county sheriff to fill the seat of corporate fiction de facto sheriff.

In my personal experience and in what I know about sheriff Leo is that he acts and serves to support the corporate government fiction in Isabella County and not the people.

In 2012 I ran against Leo in the public election for sheriff in Isabella County.

Supposedly, and although Leo didn't campaign against me, he was reported and alleged to have won by 7.5%.

Since corporate sheriff Leo does NOT represent the people but only the corporation, Leo is not the people's sheriff.

Since corporate incumbent sheriff Leo ran against me in 2012 as a fiction and not as a person for the people, Leo falsely represented himself to the people in the 2012 election.

Leo's alleged victory in the 2012 election allowed continued safe harbor for the impostor corporate government in Isabella county. Had I won publicly by actual vote, Leo and many others would have been arrested.

Since Leo has demonstrated and continued to demonstrate his allegiance to the corporate fiction over the people of Isabella County, Leo is not a sheriff and his alleged victory serves not the people but the continued fraud over the people.

Corporate sheriff Leo has demonstrated he is strictly De Facto.

Sheriff Leo's only opponent in the 2012 election for sheriff, Theodore Visner, was and is strictly De Jure.

Since the De Jure form of governance is the only form of governance established and ordained by the people, Visner won the 2012 election for sheriff to fill the De Jure seat of the sheriff in Isabella County.

Since the 2012 election for sheriff in Isabella County was between a single De Jure candidate and a single De Facto candidate, the De Jure candidate would have won with a single vote. Had the only De Jure candidate not received a single vote, the De Jure office of sheriff would have remained vacant.

Visner is the De Jure Sheriff of Isabella County by and through the vote of the people.

Theodore Visner
De Jure Sheriff,
Isabella County, Michigan

December 13, 2014 ~ Coming Full Circle

Impostor corporate fictions have illegally assumed the power of our government and have absolutely no authority over the people.

They know this so they rule the masses by and through implied consent.

They do have the ability to contract with you under the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC and you have the ability to refuse that contract, accept that contract as written or conditionally accept that contract with your own provisions.

When you are given a speeding ticket or a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, that is a "Notice" and an offer to contract between the corporate fiction and yourself. You are being asked to contract with the corporate fiction and not any legitimate form of actual government.

What we are seeing today are failing corporations. Corporations whom have exceeded their liabilities and have become un-insurable. Their acts are becoming outwardly more and more hostile and violent and the people are being made to suffer more and more.

Knowing what I know today, I am no longer surprised to see anything, no matter how bizarre.

December 12, 2014 ~ Standing Army Defined

Standing armies on American soil can only be authorized by and through an act of Congress.

The corporate fictions that are pretending and sometimes acting as our legitimate units of government are in fact de facto impostors whom have assumed/stolen/usurped the power placed in the legitimate de jure government established and ordained by we the people.

The corporate fiction(s) act as a standing army against the people of the united States and are avid opponents of our state and federal Constitutions.

We the people have never nor would ever establish and ordain these impostor corporate fictions.

Whether an unauthorized and unsanctioned US Standing Army or a foreign occupying force=BAR, neither provide nor serve liberty nor the pursuit of happiness.

It is time that the People understand the rules and know the players.

Just as you wouldn't take orders from employees at McDonald's, so to should you refuse to take unlawful orders from your impostor county officials. Do so in a completely nonviolent way and there is absolutely zero recourse for them.

December 11, 2014 ~ email to Risa Scully as Isabella County Corporate Prosecutor

Dear Isabella County Prosecuting Attorney, Risa Scully

This is completely wrong on EVERY level.


Kidnapping me while I was trying to report state and federal crimes being carried out by your corporate police was one thing... kidnapping three children and keeping them from their mother while attempting to criminalize her to get to me or attempting to make me lash out or be violent is completely foul and absolutely disgusting.

I don't care what you think about me personally or otherwise because nothing you have to say about me can be supported or substantiated by any true evidence and is being put forth completely out of self preservation and retaliation. Nothing you have to say about me includes a single shred of any attempt at due process. 

Partial Transcript of an active,
corporate government sponsored hostage situation

"Let's do the FTM now while we have everybody here.... bla bla
So what we need to discuss though is one of the things with visitation, one of the BIG things with visitation, umm...  You are unsupervised (with your children) but we are going to ask that they not go to the residence where you are staying at. There are some pretty significant concerns there. With where you are staying and with whats going on there so umm so I think that's something to be KNOWN, they are not to go there at all <Dani- I'm aware> ok. And that would be something that even after this case closes, they are not to go there, EVER.   They are not to be around him, they are not to talk to him, he is not an appropriate person for them at all. <Dani- and the reasons?> The reasons are, I have had multiple conversations with Isabella county officials, and police,  that sa-think he is not appropriate "chuckle" and the recommendation that I (Melody Lake) never go to his residence ever again. So I am actually concerned with you being there. Does that make sense? <Dani- no, I guess I can see it from their standpoint but from mine he's not a bad person what-so-ever> and, I can understand that, where you would come from with that, when you, when you are in a relationship with someone or somebody or you like somebody, you want to see them in a different light, but the light that the rest of society sees him is a violent individual with the potential for some great violence (voice shaking, pen clicking). <Dani- Laughs>"

What concerns me is the complete lack of due process here in Isabella County and your full support of the lack of the people's secured constitutional rights! You should be ashamed! You are in contempt of your oath of office and in contempt of the Constitution itself. Your acts are treasonous.

Where is the due process in telling someone, absent all due process, that someone should be or is condemned simply for having a complaint against you and your office? Specify the government regulation that allows you to violate the people's rights in effort to preserve the Public Trust. Where does your authorization come from that allows you and your partner officials to attempt to criminalize the people you are supposed to be serving to keep them from having a means of redress which is another and separate constitutional violation all together!  Tell me what authorization you have to commence acts of war against the citizenry out of retaliation for the people's attempt at redress against government officials and police.


This isn't about politics, this is about the wanton acts of crime by government officials in Isabella County. You and your office have been on notice for over four years!

Your retaliation efforts against me are criminal. Additionally, unconstitutional. Your wanton and intentional acts are designed to deprive the people of the right to seek redress which is a constitutionally secured right in both the state and federal constitutions.

D/SGT Jerry Carter, as a police officer and as a person, completed a false police report against me (a crime) wrongly naming me a “VOLATILE PERSON”. The creation of the fictitious police report intentionally makes me a target to all police. This police report, in addition to being slanderous and libelous, intentionally places me in great danger. While everything is recorded in the police post lobby, no recordings were attached to this complaint to support it. Slander/Libel suit initiated in re Incident No 041-0000457-11 (02)

Your corporate county and it's corporate officials claimed to have arrested me yet never allowed me my day in court while essentially jailing me at home for four months awaiting an alleged ability to arraign me at any time. While you get to use the claim that I was arrested, you have intentionally left me with nothing to defend myself with. I have learned that this tactic and practice to be your modus operandi.

FOIA requests for any legal authorization to take my family's home and it's contents doesn't exist but instead of receiving confirmation of it's non-existence through FOIA, the requests are simply denied. Extremely self serving don't you think?

The breath and scope of your influence has been quite impressive, I will give you that. I don't think that your open acts however, conform to the desired amount of open hostilities prescribed and as the rest of the world watches your balancing act upon the knife's edge, your all in approach, however commendable on the one side, is all together criminally inclusive on the other side.

What a gamble you are taking!

The quiet subversion of the American legal system is supposed to be quiet, I would imagine. Your open and indefensible acts however, have been blatant and obvious.

You have judges ignoring court orders both local and federal, ordering the theft of personal property in courtrooms, you have police committing open acts of crime, swearing out criminal complaints without ANY first hand knowledge and you would like the world to believe that I am the criminal?

I am ordering you, as a proven functional component of an unauthorized, unsanctioned and unconstitutional standing criminal army to stand down and withdraw.

1.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of the picture and it's accompanying writeup that is or
has been on display in the PAO. (The information requested better match the picture I have)
2.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a signed copy of Incident Number: 041-0000457-11 (02)
3.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of Incident Number: 041-0000457-11 (01) (signed or otherwise) and any other reports generated by the Michigan State Police and Isabella County police with regard to me.
4.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any and all other county generated police reports
having anything to do with me and my family over the last five years.
5.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of the alleged related complaints in Jerry's complaint against me.
Specifically and as individual requests,
a.    63-2175-05
b.    41-2741-10
c.    137-2761-10
d.    137-1512-10
6.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any evidence claimed against me so that I have a proper means to address specific allegations against me individually and severally.
7.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any and all written or claimed authorization to violate the oath of office and violate the state and federal constitutions.
8.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of congressional authorization for the existence and operation of a standing army in Isabella County Michigan or in Michigan.
9.)    I DEMAND to see and to have a copy of any warrant, legitimate or otherwise, authorizing the state sponsored and sanctioned theft of my family's home on, before and after September 27, 2010.
10.)    I DEMAND to see and have a copy of your complaint of my alleged insurrection and the authorization for ignoring my allegations of your insurrection.

Failure to comply will result in individual actions being brought forth and on each individual request individually.

The case building against me needs to stop. Having my picture up at your reception window is a violation of my privacy, a threat to my life and is additionally slanderous and libelous. If you had legitimate charges to bring against me you obviously would have done it by now to shut me up.

STOP WAGING WAR against me, my friends and family!
Stay criminal proceedings and restore Dani's parental and custodial rights NOW!
START conducting yourself according to morality and to your oath of office!

On ALLEGATIONS alone, Michael Austin and his mother Dani spent 14 DAYS at the University of Michigan Hospital where an extremely thorough and very intensive physical examination was conducted based upon those ALLEGATIONS along with an independent in-house CPS investigation at the UofM whereas Michael Austin was released to his mother Dani Austin only to have Isabella County take all three of her children two days later for attempting to move (by one day) the start of in-home nursing for Michael Austin while workmen were scheduled to be in her home and she was in the process of moving to a hotel.

Although the waring actions of Isabella County officials against me are thorough, completely damning and harmful to myself, my family, friends and loved ones, I will not ever retaliate with violence. The use of policing agencies in effort to label me violent is an intentional effort and act to put me in harms way and an attempt to establish a viable defense to my execution by police and/or state officials, accidental or otherwise.

I have placed myself under 24 hour streaming video surveillance and restricted my movements to reduce and eliminate interactions with Isabella County and it's officials whom claim me to be a violent individual with the potential for some great violence absent any evidence of such.

Unless we are truly at war, you have absolutely no justification or authorization to deny ANY of the requests and demands contained herein. Any denial, in full or in part, or demand for money in exchange for the information demanded herein shall constitute and be considered your declaration of war against ME AND THE PEOPLE OF MICHIGAN. This is not to be considered a threat of violence by me as I already know that you are actively at war with me. Your undeclared acts of war against me, my family and my friends have not provoked me to violence nor will they ever provoke me to act in violence and your open declaration of war against me and the people of Michigan will not provoke me to violence either, however, I can obviously not speak for all the other people of Michigan. I am not stupid, we are not stupid, we know you want me to act out but it isn't going to happen, now or ever. If you are going to kill me or have me killed, you will have to kill (murder) a nonviolent, unarmed man that is and has been simply petitioning the government for redress which has been openly and criminally denied now for over 4.5 years. The intentional deprivation of rights under color of law.

I know that our state and federal Constitutions are a pain in your ass and serves as a detriment to your objectives but that is your problem, not mine. At the end of the day, you are still required to reconcile your actions with the Constitution.


S/ Theodore Visner
Theodore Visner
Dated 12/11/2014 @ 13:36

December 5, 2014 ~ A Title 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Action was filed in Federal Court

On December 5, 2014 I filed suit against Paul Chamberlain for ordering the theft of my personal property as I sat peacefully and quietly in the courtroom gallery when I was there to perform an administrative audit of the people's court.

When a judge orders the theft of personal property he is NOT acting in any judicial capacity.

When a judge orders armed men to carry out the crime of theft, neither he nor the henchmen (simply following orders) are acting in any official capacity and this creates a conspiracy.

How far have we digressed as a society to believe that some man in a robe (black dress) with a fancy wooden hammer gets to order and bully people around?

I was neither a Plaintiff nor a Defendant. I was quietly seated in the gallery observing. What didn't make it to the "official court transcript" was the fact that myself and others were given the ultimatum to either turn over our personal electronic devices or be escorted out of the courtroom and off the property.

While MY personal property was in adverse possession, it was tampered with and files were deleted. This converts petty theft to robbery. In addition to robbing me of personal property that was already on the device through the theft of the device itself, I was also robbed of the ability to create more personal property.

A seated "chief judge" ordered the petty theft of my personal property with the intent of robbing me of additional data property knowing that I intended to report on the results of my administrative audit of the court and of Paul Chamberlain.

Rules of the court, (Court Rules) are expected to be used to defend Paul Chamberlain's ordered theft of property knowing full well that the rules for the court are just that... rules for the court and the administration of the court and not rules to govern the public. Even if the rules made for the court itself could be applied in this instance, which it can NOT, the rules would violate the people's rights and the constitution itself making the "rules" void from the beginning as they would or might apply to the public and to we the people.

Paul has many hats. He wears the hat of the chief judge, the circuit court judge etc etc. He also wears his own hat in proper person, meaning himself as an individual. This is a hat that can NOT be removed and it lies under all the other hats. While hats worn in any official capacity offer protection (immunity), they cease to offer protection when the actions are not official. Wanton and intentional criminal acts can never be considered acts of an official acting in official capacity. If this were the case, Paul Chamberlain could order the execution of the teller in line 14 at Meijers on Christmas eve without any fear of prosecution.

I do not work for Paul Chamberlain, Paul Chamberlain works for me and for all the people of Isabella County Michigan.

Paul and the henchmen that were ordered to take my property and did so willingly, constitutes a concerted effort by state actors to deprive rights secured by both the state and federal Constitution under color of law. This is a federal crime as described in Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.

Why do I care if our county judges feel at ease while violating Federal criminal law? The better question would be, Why don't you care?

The complete subversion of our courts and of our entire legal system is well under way and is only made possible by the fact that YOU don't care.

Using a science analogy, creating a perfect vacuum outside the confines of space is nearly impossible. The closest we have come to creating a absolute vacuum is in our courts. People avoid our courts at all costs. There is a reason that our courts are public and that is so that the public can attend and audit. This is why seating is provided for you.

People so infrequently attend court proceedings that our judges and legislators are attempting to make it a crime! They call people attempting to observe public proceedings, "court watchers" as if this were some really bad thing. If you want to see a man in uniform make a really funny face, go to court and when approached by the bailiff and asked what case you are there for, tell him that you are there simply to monitor and audit the proceedings as an observer.

If you want to see real panic in a courtroom, do this with two witnesses.

Rules of court, administrative rules of judicial procedure and any other local "court rules" are rules for them and not for you (the public). When they (the courts) post signs, these signs are for the staff but the people (through ignorance) have come to believe that they are for the general public. This is like a sign at McDonald's that says you must remove your hat and place your order on one knee to get service. Would you do that? Do you take orders from McDonald employees? If not, why then, would you take orders from the employees of our corporate government who work for you and get paid by you? Are you or do you need to pay them to tell you what you can and can not do?

Getting back on point, how confident would Paul Chamberlain have been in ordering the theft of personal property from individuals in the gallery had their actually been people there observing besides myself, the defendant and the defendant's family?

If the court and Paul Chamberlain have nothing to hide, why then hide? The specific proceedings observed have transcripts in this case where it is clear that the public defender was working harder at prosecution than the prosecutor and in getting the defendant (his supposed client) convicted of crimes that weren't even crimes on warrants that weren't even lawful warrants on sworn affidavits by police without any first hand knowledge of anything! People can not swear out an affidavit of truth without first hand knowledge of the event but police in Mount Pleasant Michigan can?

How could this MASSIVE detail and it's significance to ALL of society allude you? How would you feel if a police officer swore and attested under the penalty of perjury that your husband or wife committed a crime and that this sworn affidavit was created by someone or by anyone without a shred of first hand knowledge of the allegations being sworn and attested to in the affidavit?

There is a saying in law. Those with a strong case argue the facts, those with weak cases argue the law and those with no case at all resort to calling names.

Isabella County "Corporate Officials" and "corporate state police" and "corporate county police" call me a bunch of names and the severity continues to increase.

1.) Confrontational

2.) A threat to myself and to others (suicidal and homicidal)

3.) Violent

4.) Almost forgot this one, corporate prosecutor Holmes I believe it was, while court was in session and I was peacefully seated in the gallery, pointed at me and called me "Mr. Militia".

5.) Violent Individual with the potential for some great violence (I would assume that this is like being a known terrorist or equivalent?)

Their has to be somewhere a "Corporate Standing Order" that mandates the preservation of the "Public Trust" at any and all cost regardless of it's criminality.

Although my issues are relatively simple, they do serve to undermine a "Public Trust" that in my opinion is not at all warranted.

Just as the Federal Reserve is a private, for profit corporation, so to are our local and state units of government. Just as the Federal Reserve has placed itself outside the the jurisdiction of the US government's ability to monitor and audit, so to are our corporate county and state units of government.

May 5, 2014 ~ Coming To A Head In Michigan

Many folks don't know what is really going on here in our local community. I used to be one of those that didn't know and honestly felt that I didn't have a need to care until my family was attacked by the Isabella County Sheriff Department and then by the Isabella County Courts.

Although our elected county officials are supposed to help the people, they are too busy helping themselves at the people's expense.

Once you have found yourself caught up in the gears of the system we call county government, you find that all the gears work together to keep the system running regardless of how it is running or where it is running.

For those of you that don't know, the allegations in the picture above are of a criminal nature and the making of false criminal allegations is, in-and-of itself, a crime. I have been making these criminal allegations now publicly for over three and a half years and although I have heard that I am being investigated for this "as a crime" I have not been charged with this or any other crime.

Instead, the gears in this system have all been working together to make me out to be some kind of criminal in an attempt to try and justify the criminal state actions against my family as if two wrongs could somehow make a right.

More than 1,600 of these fliers were handed out at the Maple Syrup Festival in Shepherd, MI where the county sheriff department has had a booth for as long as people can remember that was actually manned by the elected sheriff. This year however, the elected sheriff was not manning the booth and after my presence was felt, those working the booth simply left.

On at least six different occasions that I have come to learn about on my own, county, state and federal police (or other) reports have been generated with me as the subject of the report and all are related to my attempts to report crimes by police.

May 15, 2014 ~ May-Day



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