When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
-Thomas Jefferson

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Visner Family

Freedom, Liberty & Justice for all?

Not currently available here in Michigan!

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Local county & state police have been trying to build a case against me that they may expect to try and use as leverage? Previous index page

Isabella county sheriff dept. stole my family's home and contents without court approval obviously (no court order), then unlawfully arrest me (kidnap me during the commission of federal crimes) for calling 911. Story Link Here!

Sign Petition here. Michigan Veteran Family Loses Home and it's Contents to employed members of the Isabella County Sheriff's Department without Due Process, without a police report, without a receipt, without warning and without any legal justification what-so-ever.

Isabella county Chief judge Paul Chamberlain forced to join conspiracy to violate rights to protect the "Public Trust" by stopping and preventing the right to the redress of grievances secured by the 1st Amendment.

Michigan Court of Appeals struck my 60+ page appeal brief claiming that it did not conform to the standards set for lawyers (I'm no lawyer) then dismissed my appeal for not having an accompanying brief! Then completely ignored my demand for a refund! Extortion by our states highest court!

Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain orders armed men in uniform (bailiffs) to steal personal property from me and people sitting in the gallery!

Mount Pleasant lawyer Bruce Havens creates, by his own admission, court documents designed to be used in lieu of actual court orders and in complete and intentional avoidance of due process.

Protection by means of public broadcast. Visit my YouTube Channel here.

Mount Pleasant State Police Post Commander Larry Schloegl claims to get to vote in and on people's individual rights when he is serving on the gun board!

Interested citizens should call the following people and ask why are they covering for crimes by police in Isabella County Michigan.

State Officials:
These people should be able to tell you why the sheriff department took my family's home and it's contents without a court ordered warrant and why they are refusing to address our criminal grievances.

Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski (989)772-5911

Prosecutor Risa Scully (989)772-0911 ext 311

MSP Larry Schloegl (989)773-5951

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

Announced visit to the sheriff department on social media to report on illegal parking by police employees offers opportunity to create a police report claiming me as a stalker and the sheriff department as victim.

Failed attempt to report state and federal crimes at the Michigan State Police Post in Mt Pleasant creates opportunity for police to create a police report naming me belligerent and the State Police as the victim.

Mt Pleasant man arrested on a fraudulent warrant that included a sworn affidavit by a police officer that had NO first hand knowledge of the events. (Video soon)

Prosecutor Larry Burdick resigns.

Trip through security with loaded magazine (by accident) gets me named "Potential Domestic Terror Threat" by Michigan State Police.


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We have a problem with governmental corruption in Isabella County, Michigan. Unless you have been exposed directly, this corruption lies out of sight and just beneath the facade.

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The time to get involved is not after you have found yourself being handled by our county police or in our county courts.

May 5, 2014 ~ Coming To A Head In Michigan

Many folks don't know what is really going on here in our local community. I used to be one of those that didn't know and honestly felt that I didn't have a need to care until my family was attacked by the Isabella County Sheriff Department and then by the Isabella County Courts.

Although our elected county officials are supposed to help the people, they are too busy helping themselves at the people's expense.

Once you have found yourself caught up in the gears of the system we call county government, you find that all the gears work together to keep the system running regardless of how it is running or where it is running.

For those of you that don't know, the allegations in the picture above are of a criminal nature and the making of false criminal allegations is, in-and-of itself, a crime. I have been making these criminal allegations now publicly for over three and a half years and although I have heard that I am being investigated for this "as a crime" I have not been charged with this or any other crime.

Instead, the gears in this system have all been working together to make me out to be some kind of criminal in an attempt to try and justify the criminal state actions against my family as if two wrongs could somehow make a right.

More than 1,600 of these fliers were handed out at the Maple Syrup Festival in Shepherd, MI where the county sheriff department has had a booth for as long as people can remember that was actually manned by the elected sheriff. This year however, the elected sheriff was not manning the booth and after my presence was felt, those working the booth simply left.

On at least six different occasions that I have come to learn about on my own, county, state and federal police (or other) reports have been generated with me as the subject of the report and all are related to my attempts to report crimes by police.

May 15, 2014 ~ May-Day



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